DIY Heart-Shaped Chips

We're just a couple weeks away from Valentine's Day so it's time to start thinking about hearts!  For my bunco group that I hosted this week, I decided to make heart-shaped chips to go with the dip I made.  They got great reviews, and were really easy to make! All you need is corn tortillas (must be corn, NOT flour!) and some cooking oil and salt.  I purchased two different sized heart cookie cutters from JoAnn's and they easily cut through the tortillas.

I tried to arrange the hearts to look cute for this picture. :)

While I was cutting out the hearts, Doc was out on the patio heating the grease in our Fry Daddy.  If you don't have a Fry Daddy, these can be made in a skillet on the stove but your house may smell afterwards.

Once the oil gets good and hot, just drop the tortillas in.  They should float (if they sink your oil is not hot enough) and bubble up.

You may want to flip them over at least once while they're in there.

There's no exact amount of time to cook them, it just depends on how crispy you want them.  You may need to test a few before you start dropping a lot in.

When they're done, lay them out on paper towels so the oil drains off and they dry off.  We sprinkle ours with salt but that's completely optional (but really you should put the salt on, it makes them so tasty).

And that's how you make heart-shaped chips!

Now you know how to make them with plenty of time to prepare for Valentine's Day.  These would be great at a party or stuck in your child's lunch box.  We store ours in a big ziplock bag and they always last at least a week.