DIY: Fabric Banner

This next do-it-yourself project is very easy...easy to do and easy to figure out. But, just in case you need a little help, I've got a tutorial for you. Now, you've probably seen these fabric banners all over the web, and you can buy them from tons of different sellers on etsy.  Those range from $6 all the way up to $45. But why spend money on it when you can just make it yourself? And, if you're like me, you can do it for free.

First, you need to gather scraps of materials you like. I raided my mom's fabric cabinet, so my fabric was free of charge.

For this particular banner, I chose to do triangle flags. I used a thin piece of cardboard (think cereal box) to cut out a triangle stencil. This doesn't have to be perfect, it's just a guide.

Lay your stencil on top of one of your fabric scraps and cut around it.

I used pinking shears to cut mine out. These keep the fabric from unravelling so much, and give it a nice zig-zag edge.

Continue cutting out your fabric flags - they can all be the same fabric, or you can use lots of different ones like I did.

Now this is where some of the expensive banners on etsy take it to the next step. Some people cut out two triangles for every flag and sew them together as a front and back. They may even put cardboard in between the two to make them stiff. I just made my banner for a cookout, so I saved lots of time and skipped that step.

Once I had all my triangles cut out, I laid them out on the floor so I could decide the order I wanted them in.

Then, I carefully snipped a small hole in the top corners of the triangles to thread my twine through.

Some people use a cute ribbon and sew their flags on, but again, I decided to save time and just used jute twine I already had on hand.

I thread my flags with the twine in front, but you could always do it where the twine runs behind the flag.

Once you have all your flags strung on the twine, you're done! Just find a place to hang it.

I put mine on the mantle, but I still have more flags left over so I may do another mini one.

I love a good, easy project! Remember, if you try it yourself, you don't have to do triangles. You could do squares and rectangles like I did for the triple baby shower, or you could do circles.  Get crazy with it!