Baby Mobile

It's been a while since we had a craft project around here, hasn't it?  My sincere apologies!  I assure you, though, that we are still crafting away.  I just haven't had time to document much lately.  And it takes much longer to complete a project.  I can't imagine why! With all that said, today's craft project comes from back before Miss Katie Wynn graced us with her presence.  In the very near future, I will be packing it away and I just realized that I hadn't even shared it with you all yet!  And that's a shame because it's really cute.

Remember the antique bassinet that I purchased back in the summer and spruced up?  Well, as cute as it is on its own, it still needed a little something to make it even cuter.  I may have even mentioned in that post that I had plans to add a mobile.  Plans I had.  Time and energy I did not.  I had made my dear sweet mother very aware of my plans.  We had even talked through the process and purchased supplies.  But, between moving houses and being very pregnant, I could not make myself get this one last project done.

So my mom did it for me.  Isn't she the best?

The plan was birds.  Yep, just birds.  I wanted it simple and sweet.  And white and pink.  While I was at work, Mom cut the cutest little bird shape out of pink and white felt.  Each bird shape then got a wing in the opposite color added to it and decorated with some cute tiny buttons.  She made two sides per bird, added a little stuffing between them, and then hand-stitched them together.  The circle that they're hanging from is an embroidery hoop that she covered in white yarn.

Excuse the crazy shadows that the lattice wicker from the bassinet casts.  For the last six months, the bassinet has sit in a little corner in our room.  Our master has a sitting room that's divided by a small wall and the wall made the perfect little nook for our peanut to sleep in.


Full disclosure: I did a lot of picking up to take that picture.

Let's focus on those little birdies, shall we?

Cute little things, aren't they?  There are six total - three white and three pink.

I couldn't help but lay down so I could see how the mobile looked from Katie's point of view.

I mean, I wouldn't mind watching those birds fly over my head.  Would you?  The best part is that it weighed virtually nothing, so I had absolutely zero fear of it hurting her if it ever fell.  Not that it could have fallen, but still.

Anyway, now that Katie Wynn's sleeping in the crib in her room, we don't have much need for the bassinet in our bedroom anymore.  I already have a piece of furniture that I'm going to refinish to take it's spot in the bedroom.  And when it goes, the birdie mobile will too.  Sad day.  I'd love to hang it in her room, I'm just not sure where it could go.  Hmmm...I may have to do some brainstorming.