Beach House Tour: Part 3

Wanna know something?  Part 2 of this tour took me 3 hours to write.  I'm not sure that's the exact amount of time since it was spread out over two days, but believe me when I say it took fooooor-ev-er.  And then I finally hit publish and half of it disappeared.  Poof! Gone.  Just like that.  So naturally I had to spend a good 45 minutes crying and flailing about before I could pull myself together and redo it.  And the second time around wasn't nearly as good as the first.  I didn't even re-write about the cute red and white polka dot bakeware we bought! All that is to say that I don't have 3 hours right now to spend click-clacking away on the laptop, so I'm going to break the bedrooms part of this tour down into two posts.  Forgive me, will ya?

It would probably make sense to start with the downstairs bedroom since that's kinda where we left off, but I'm gonna switch things up and go straight to the Jack-and-Jill bedrooms.  I'm crazy like that.

So come on, let's drag our hineys up the stairs and get this tour going again!

The picture above is of the upstairs hallway, so you can get oriented with where we are.  The door at the top of the stairs is the laundry room and then the two bedrooms are on the left (with a linen closet in the middle of the hall).

Also at the top of the stairs is this eye-sore of a breaker box.  Now you see it... you don't.  That was an easy fix.

And now let's peek our head into that room on the left.  We'll call it the Jill since it's got polka dots and polka dots feel girly to me.

Here's a straight on view of the bed.  The bedding is Martha Stewart and the painting was done by my sister-in-law, Beth.

Here's the wall across from the bed.  We bought two of those white dressers, one for each of the J-and-J rooms.  My mom made the curtains and they match the bed skirt and pillow shams.

On the dresser in this room sits two wooden buoys and a lamp.  The lamp is a Pier One lamp that I found at a yard sale.  My mom has the exact same one at her house and I definitely paid a lot less than she did. :)

There's another buoy hanging on the closet door.

In every bedroom closet, hangers are awaiting our guests.  This one has one of the luggage racks too.

Remember the Ikea Rast dresser with the grey top?  It landed in this room.  The lamp is from Marshall's, or maybe TJ Maxx.  Can't remember.

Lamp on!

Here's the other side of the room.  The door leads to the bathroom.

The bench is one that we made a long time ago.  It'd just been hanging out in the shop gathering dust, so we added some baskets to the bottom and thought it'd be a good place to put a suitcase or something.  The top is stenciled like the other Rast dresser.

The window pane mirror was just 20 bucks on sale from Hobby Lobby.  It's not perfect but it works.

That sums it up for the Jill bedroom so let's check out the bathroom that joins the two rooms together.

We let our builder pick out granite remnants to use in the bathrooms, and I love the color of the granite that he chose for this bath.  I think it looks good with the grey walls and the white cabinets.

These cute little jars came from a consignment shop and were the perfect color.  They're the exact same shade of blue as our other accessories.

We hung my ocean grass and beach rock shadowboxes above the towel racks.

The other side of the room has the toilet (obviously) and a bath/shower combo.  My mom made the shower curtain and that thing hanging above the towel rack is a shelf of votive candles that's got mirrors.  It's kinda hard to tell in this picture.

The trash can and shower curtain hooks both came from Target.

Bathroom tour...check!  On to the Jack room!

Well, I forgot that this room had some polka dots too so maybe it should be the Jackie room?  Doc says this room is his favorite because it's so white and clean.  We'll see how long the "white and clean" lasts after we start renting the house.

Straight on shot of this bed.  We found the bedding way early on at Marshall's and thought it looked beachy.  It seemed like it would be easy enough to match with all the colors.  Turns out nothing in the whole entire world is the same colors as the stripes in that duvet.  I'm not exaggerating at all.  The painting is another Beth original.  Oh, and that's the bed we painted white.

The stenciled Ikea Rast dresser found a home in this room.  I don't remember where the lamp came from but it's pretty cool because you can adjust the height of it.  The curtains and bedskirt were both plain white (you know, since nothing in the whole entire world matched the bedding) but my mom added some grey stripes so they wouldn't be too, too plain.

Across from the bed is another one of those white dressers with the mirror that my brother painted hanging over it.  We added a splash of color with the lamp I spray painted.  The white chair beside it is a good place to throw your purse, or something.

This wall is my favorite part of this bedroom.  I love the flower canvas I made hanging over those cute grey drawers.


Cute, right?

And that, my friends, wraps up the Jack(ie)-and-Jill bedrooms.  My favorite rooms - the master and "mini master" - are next.  Promise.  Be back soon!