Spring Decor

When I found out we would be having visitors for Easter weekend, it did not take me long to decide that I should decorate. Now, I am not normally a holiday decorator (aside from Christmas, of course) but when I looked at my dining room table, I decided things just looked a little too fall-ish.

Not only did I think I needed a new table runner, but I also thought I should make it myself. (New Year's Resolution: Learn How To Use Sewing Machine...Check!) But I was determined not to spend too much money. This is what I decided to use as my main fabric:

Yep, a cheapo drop cloth. Saving money is what I do. Anyway, my momsers had some left over baby fabric, which can also be called spring/Easter fabric, and she generously donated it to my cause. Because I only had a small amount of the baby Easter fabric, I decided to cut some strips and just make a ruffle down the center of my drop cloth table runner.

This required lots of pinning and ironing.

And then more pinning to attach it to the center of my drop cloth.

Some simple sewing straight up the middle and ladies and gentlemen, we had a ruffle! Or maybe just pleats. Whatevs.

Moving on. I sewed the two raw edges of my drop cloth with a seam in the back. The table runner got a good ironing and then was ready for two more lines of stitching to finish off the edges. It was important that these lines were really straight. I got nervous. Called my mom and she said she'd sew them for me. (Thanks, Mom!)  We also decided it needed just a little something else, so my mom also sewed a green ribbon down my ruffle.

And here are the final results, complete with a nest full o' eggs to top her off.


I like it. I think it can stay a while.

And lest you think the dining room table is the only place that got new decor, let me show you where spring has sprung in other places of our house.

My dining room table got all my creativity with the new table runner, and my poor kitchen table got stuck with these gargantuan things.

They make me crack up every time I walk into the kitchen. They don't stick out at all. Nope, totally blend right in.

Now that all the decorating's done, we are officially ready for Lala and Poppa to visit! And the Easter bunny too!