New Wall Decorations

We have this area in our house that has always been a tricky spot to decorate. Our dining room and living room are one big room together, and then there's a little nook off to the side that really serves no purpose. For a little while we had a desk sitting there but since it's a pass-through area, I wasn't liking how junky that looked. When my grandmother passed away, I took home two small chairs from her house as the solution to this tricky area. I had them covered in matching fabrics that coordinated with the living room and dining room and then there it was, a little seating area. I refinished a tall, skinny piece of furniture from my mom's house to go in between them and add some height to the wall, but something was still missing. I needed something on the walls....but what? I thought a big piece of art on both sides of the jelly cabinet might be too overwhelming and that two smaller pieces on each side would be too matchy, matchy. So, I decided it should be totally random.

First, I gathered all the small hanging items I had selected for the area, drew them out on different colors of paper, and started taping them to the wall.

"Totally random" is a very hard concept for me. I have the brain of an accountant and really like symmetrical things. So I had to call in my mom to help me. We did a lot of standing back, shaking our heads, and starting over. Finally, I was able to hang up the actual items.

I couldn't order any pictures to go in the picture frames until I figured out which way they would be hanging, so it looked unfinished for a couple of days.

I'm happy to say it's finally finished though! Take a look...I'm still trying to get used to seeing things hanging on the wall. It's been bare for a long time.

Dear blog readers, this is where I need your help. Does it look too busy? Is it too much? Do you think I need one more small thing in the bottom right corner below the lamp? Should the lamp stay or go? Does any one piece stand out too much?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks!