End of School Celebration

Near the end of Katie Wynn's first year of Pre-School, we began receiving notices about the field trip to the farm they'd be taking at that parents were encouraged to attend.  It was suggested to bring lawn chairs, blankets, snacks, sunscreen, and anything else we might need to enjoy the day.  I honestly had no idea what to expect!

I'm glad I was able to attend the field trip with her, as nearly every child there had at least one parent present (and some had little siblings too - wish I'd brought Thomas!).  This "farm" that we spent the day at was the home of an upperclassmen.  It was farm-ish in that they had a few horses, but mostly because they had so many BIG tractors!  Thomas would have been in Heaven!  Katie Wynn and her friends sure were.  


I learned that this family hosts this celebration every year and their farmhands park the tractors and stand by them to help the kids climb into them and play.  They're allowed to push buttons and honk the horn.  (LOTS of honking that day.)  Also around the property were bounce houses, a huge blow up water slide, a police car to climb in, horses to ride, games to play, and a pinata for each class to bust open.

For my girl, I think it's safe to say the tractors were her very favorite part.  

The best I could get...and I tried really hard!

The best I could get...and I tried really hard!

Katie Wynn wanted absolutely nothing to do with the big water slide, so she and I played corn hole and jumped in the bouncer while her friends checked it out.


For lunch, the school purchased lots of pizzas.  We were near the end of the line when they ran out of plates, so we got a whole box to share. :)


So many friends to play with, so many things to do, and the girls needed to take their chairs off for some quiet time.  They were cute out there just sitting and watching the road.  :)

After lunch we watched Addi Clare ride a horse.  Katie Wynn, not surprisingly, had zero interest in doing that herself, but we enjoyed watching.  

The face of someone who is NOT getting near a horse.

The face of someone who is NOT getting near a horse.


The farm celebration ended around 1:00.  By then we were hot and sweaty so our little group drove straight to get some ice cream.  It was a fun day and I'm really glad I was able to spend it with my favorite girl!