May Phone Pics

How am I supposed to remember what we did in May?  That was months ago!  I think this is officially the latest I've been on posting my monthly phone pictures.  Hopefully the pictures themselves will jog my memory on what we did.

Early in the month, the kids got a new-to-them playhouse.  Some friends of ours from church were ready to get rid of it and graciously gave it to us for free!  Thomas and Katie Wynn love playing in it.  The first day we had it, Katie Wynn wanted to know if we could put a fridge in it for them.  :)

I had help in the kitchen making a caramel cake.  Mostly my help just wanted to lick the beaters.  (These pictures remind me that I need to make this cake was super yummy!)

Beautiful weather plus a new dress called for some early evening twirls.

Mother's Day was in May and it was a great weekend!  I can't remember all the details but I do know that Matt spoiled me with breakfast in bed and lots of "me" time to sit and read my book.  My kiddos were pretty good to me too, even if they weren't the most cooperative for pictures after church.

This was my view that afternoon after we'd all had a nice little nap.  All my favorite people in sight just past my book, and what you can't see is that Lolli was curled up in my lap too.

So many of Katie Wynn's buddies from school have gotten new baby siblings this spring so we have tried to be helpful by making dinners for their families or entertaining the bigger siblings. One of her best friends (and the cutest little guy!), Steele, came with us out to the golf course one day to play and eat dinner.  

Sitting on top of the plaque that's in honor of my grandfather.

Sitting on top of the plaque that's in honor of my grandfather.

I like this picture of Thomas because it looks like the flag from the background is in his hand too.  :)

But I like this one even more cause you can see his sweet face.

Here is Thomas loving on one of those new baby siblings.  This one is our friend Mason's baby brother, William.  We had dinner with them one night and Thomas looooved getting to pet William's head and hold his hands while Matt held him.

When we came home from the beach, Katie Wynn had a mean fever virus.  Her temperature would spike to 104 but, thankfully, would go down with ibuprofen.  We made a trip to the weekend clinic that Saturday morning and all her vitals checked out fine.  Poor girl spent most of that day sound asleep.  Here she is passed out after the doctor visit.  Notice her sucker down on the floor...I know she doesn't feel well when she doesn't even have the energy to eat candy!

Thomas gave me sweet smiles after church.  His sister was in a cute matching dress but she was being a bullfrog and wouldn't take a picture.  The plants behind him have really grown since that picture was taken!

Matt traveled for most of one week during May so we spent a couple of nights over at my parents' house.  The kids love to play on Mimi's and Poppy's bed after bath time.  On this night, they hid in the pillows and Katie Wynn told me that that was their kingdom and she was the King and Thomas was the Queen.  :)

Thomas got another haircut in May.  He's had quite a few trims but this was just his second time going to a hair salon to get it done.  Here's the funny thing about Thomas - he will freak out if you try to sit him up on a booster seat.  He will freak out if you try to put a hair cape on him.  He will freak out if you try to wear a hair cape while holding him.  But, if you just sit in the chair and hold him in your lap, he'll be quiet as a mouse and still as a rock for his haircut.  You just get covered in hair in the process. 

Katie Wynn and Elmo helped in the Mint Tulip sewing room one afternoon.  They had front row seats to all the embroidery action.

One afternoon the power in our neighborhood went out so we met up with our friend Addi Clare at a neighborhood park.  We tried to get milkshakes from Sonic but their power was out too.  That's when we learned the whole town was without it!  That wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been SO hot outside and we got even sweatier running around on the playground.  The power ended up being out for 8 hours - well past bedtime - so it was a long evening of hot, still air.  

Katie Wynn's teacher at school paints the cutest wooden door signs, so we bought a couple watermelons from her for Mimi's front door.  They make her house look perfect for summer!

Matt's parents arrived at the end of the month to help celebrate Thomas's birthday.  To welcome them, Katie Wynn painted a sign.  I lightly drew the star and letters with pencil and she did all the painting.  Not bad for a three year old, right?!

I'll be back with June phone pics soon!  (Hopefully.)