June Phone Pics

Let's keep moving right along and talk about what happened in June.  The first two weeks of the month, Katie Wynn had her first ever swim lessons!  They were from 3 to 4pm, Monday through Thursday for two weeks in a row.  My mom graciously took her to them since we were at work.  The first day, I sat at my desk at 2:45 and just prayed that Mom would be able to pry Katie Wynn off of her and be able to get away (parents/grandparents can not stay for the lessons).  I waited until 3:05 before sending a text to ask if it was a successful drop off.  I honestly thought it would be a screaming cry fest and that her lessons would last one day.  

To my surprise, my Mom said that she was able to easily leave her.  And later that afternoon, she couldn't stop talking about the fun she had!  If you read my last post about us being at the lake, these lessons are why she was so brave jumping off the boat.  She absolutely LOVED getting to go to lessons and was so sad when they were over.  I was able to pick her up a couple of times so I could see her and after the last lesson, parents were invited to see their new skills.  I am so PROUD at how well she did and how brave she has been jumping in and swimming with her head under.  I watched with my own eyes her wanting to be first in line to do each skill - going down the slide, jumping off the diving board, and swimming to the teacher.

Now, she wasn't brave for EVERYthing in June.  We tried to participate in our town's Small Fry Tri (a "triathlon" for kids) and even after we talked it up all week, she and Thomas both said no way to actually doing it.  The triathlon was a short run, and then a bike ride, and then another short run through the firemen's water hoses.  Sounds so fun, right?  The races went by ages so Thomas and the other 2 year olds were first.

When it came time to start, I think there were 6 two-year-olds at the starting line but Thomas wouldn't even let Matt put him down.  After all the others took off, Matt put him down and tried to run off, but you can see below how well that went.

Katie Wynn didn't even make it that far with her group.  So we stood there and held our kids while all the others had fun doing the race.  After all the age groups were done, Katie Wynn said she'd try it.  Her sweet friend, Addi Clare, lined up on the course with her and they rode their bikes together.  I also caught this sweet hug between her and Thomas - I'm sure one of them was being forced to apologize to the other one but it's still a sweet moment, right?

During Katie Wynn's second week of swim lessons, we also had our church's Vacation Bible School at night.  Just like her lessons, it was Monday through Thursday.  It was in the evening from 5 to 7 so I was able to volunteer and help with the first graders while KW and Thomas went to their own classes.  I'll be honest - school/work, swimming lessons, and VBS all in one week was tough.  By the end of it, we all felt a little like this:

That picture above is a good segue to what I'm realizing from scrolling through my June pictures: a lot of the month was spent naked.  

When my kids are grown up they will no doubt hate me for these pictures, but these below are some of my favorites.  After an evening of playing in the dirt pile, we stripped them down to get ready for a bath.  Which one teeteed in the grass?  Not the one you'd think.  :)

We went swimming one Saturday morning so that Katie Wynn could practice all her new skills, but the sun was just too bright for pictures.

Katie Wynn and I spent some time playing on Mimi and Poppy's playground.

And, because my cute kiddos are a part of Mint Tulip's marketing, the rest of the month was spent posing in clothes that Mom and I had done for them.  :)

It's a bonus when your clothes match your toys.  :)

Getting ready for the fourth of July!

Here's one last picture that Thomas will eventually hate me for...he just loves wearing his sister's shoes!

The biggest event in the month of June was Thomas's second birthday party!  I'll be back with pictures from it next.