January Phone Pics

I'll be honest here - these are my least favorite posts to write.  Mostly because there are always so many pictures to go through and the topics are just all over the place.  But, I'm of the mindset that if you don't post/print/publish/scrapbook the pictures you take, then what's the point of even taking them?  So I'm gonna give it another go this year with the monthly random phone picture posts.

Let's jump right in with my very favorite picture from the month.  This boy.  How am I ever supposed to take him seriously?!

He has some form of that hairstyle almost every single morning.  The poor fella does some sweating at night and lays all crazy like on his hair so it stands up all over.  I have to drench it with water in the morning to get it calmed down.

And now, the most exciting news from the month: our town got a Walmart Neighborhood Market!  I realize this is nothing worth writing about to you big city folks, but this is HUGE for us.  Yes, we've had a grocery store in our town but...we'll just leave it at the but.  :)  This store opening was so exciting that not only did we throw the kids in the car after dinner on a school night, but we also asked someone to take our picture in the parking lot with the sign behind us.  Small town livin', ya'll!

What else happened this month?  Katie Wynn's love for puzzles continued.  This set at my Mom's house is really cool.   It has lots of different professionals - chef, scuba diver, soldier, ballerina, fireman, wizard, doctor, etc - and each one is split into three pieces - feet, body, and head.  She is getting really good at matching them all up!

We took the kids skating one cold afternoon to get out of the house.  It was a big flop.  Katie Wynn wouldn't even put her skates on and Thomas...well, you can tell from the picture what he thought about it.  We may have a couple more years before we're all doing laps around the rink.  Matt and I had fun though!

Thomas kept a cold for most of the month and finally, on a Monday following a fevery weekend, I took him to the doctor to find out that he had bronchitis and possibly some pneumonia.  Oops.  Mom fail.  While I hated that he didn't feel well, I did enjoy the extra snuggles that I so rarely get these days.

One of Thomas's favorite toys is my curling iron.  Or my hair dryer.  Really anything from my bathroom drawer full of "gadgets."  I don't know why we bother buying him toys.

Katie Wynn is still building pillow houses for nap time and this month, I discovered that she's been tracing the letters of her name at school.  I was so impressed that she could do that (I had no idea she could!) that I  made her do it for us while out to dinner one night.

We went to our first birthday party at the Little Gym and while the kids shied away from the other party goers and party activities, they did have fun on the gym equipment.

Do you guys remember those little capsules you dissolve in water and they turn into sponge shapes?  When my brothers and I were little, we had a babysitter that always brought them with her (at least that's how I remember it, she probably only brought them once!) and it easily made her our favorite sitter.  I found them at Fred's and bought a pack for nostalgia's sake.  The kids liked watching them form in the warm water, even if it was hard not to reach in and touch them.

Thomas took a shower.  This is not unusual but I have to post these pics of him in the shower by himself, looking like he's up to no good!


We returned to the Children's Museum for some Saturday morning fun.

I realize the picture on the right isn't very good since Katie Wynn walked into the frame, but look at Thomas's face while he's driving!

Daddy had help driving up the driveway.

Suckers after church...

Then their Daddy and I plucked them from their hands and snapped a pic before they realized they were gone!

We were gifted some beautiful weather on a Sunday afternoon so we hit up Mimi and Poppy's play set.  Bonus: they still had lots of leaves for playing in!

This is one my favorites from the month too.  "Mama, I'm weading my Bible to Thomas!"

Matt traveled some this month so we spent a couple nights at my parents' house.  Katie Wynn absolutely LOVED that I let her and Thomas sleep together.  

Oh!  Matt and I worked in a date night.  That was fun.  We went to Ruth's Chris and had delicious steaks and crab cakes and lobster mac and cheese.  Here's a picture of Matt with his dessert.  No pic of me with mine (creme brulee!) but here's one of 17 of the exact same picture of me that Katie Wynn took with my phone.

And finally, just like every other month, I took lots of pictures of them in their Mint Tulip clothes.  I can get away with this since it's work related, right?


I'll end here with the Valentine's Day clothes since that's a good lead-in to next month's phone pics.  I'm so lucky to call these two little squirts mine.  There are days when having two toddlers is tough and incredibly trying, but they also bring their Daddy and me so much joy and keep us laughing all the time.  I love them big!