Three is mastering 25 piece puzzles.

Three is requesting popsicles for breakfast.

Three is blaming all spills or breaks on your brother.

Three is knowing that K is for Katie Wynn, T is for Thomas, and A is for Addi Clare - and being able to point these letters out on anything.

Three is wearing chapstick.

Three is putting your stuffed animals in your brother's crib so he has some babies to sleep with.

Three is wearing big girl panties.

Three is pushing a chair up to the fridge to get out your own snack, with or without permission.

Three is giving air high fives.

Three is counting to ten perfectly and to twenty imperfectly.  

Three is being a picky eater at dinner time.

Three is changing your little brother's diaper.

Three is asking to be read stories and rock to prolong bedtime, but then crashing hard and fast as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Three is being incredibly opinionated about the cup you drink out of.

Three is volunteering your brother to go first...for bath, teeth brushing, getting dressed, etc.

Three is doing it yourself - closing doors, turning on/off lights, scooting chairs, opening packages.

Three is touching every surface of every toilet seat everywhere.

Three is bossy.

Three is knowing the tag goes in the back...and then being confused when your panties have a tag in the side seam.

Three is drinking "gay-gade" (gatorade) like Daddy.

Three is doing forward rolls.

Three is picking your nose.

Three is being a cheerleader like your big sister.

Three is following a toot with "Scuse me, I stepped on a frog."

Three is a complete meltdown in the backseat of the car because Mama won't drive back to daycare so you can buckle yourself.

Three is loving to cut and paste paper.

Three is having an opinion about the clothes you wear.

Three is knowing all your shapes and colors.

Three is sharing with your brother...when you want to.

Three is losing your ever-loving mind when we're out of powdered donuts.

Three is braiding Mama's hair everyday.  

Three is ditching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Little Einsteins.

Three is getting home from daycare and begging to change into "play clothes," as if that's not what you're already wearing.

Three is "reading" favorite stories to your little brother with 85% accuracy.

Three is pulling back your comforter and sheets to sleep under your throw blanket instead.

Three is being a good helper.

Three is crying through teeth-brushing.

Three is asking if God stopped working when the snow melts away.

Three is pulling out your ponytail and bow everyday.

Three is building a pillow fort on your bed for nap time.  

Three is tracing the letters of your name.

Three is big hugs and big kisses and a big heart.

This is Three.