Family Pictures 2015

For this year's full family picture, we hired a real photographer!  In years past, I've just set up a tripod, set a timer, and hoped for the best.  It was so nice to have someone else do it this year - and the photo quality is way better than anything I could do!  

When we finished our photo session, I was the maddest I have ever been at Katie Wynn.  She was 100% uncooperative for pictures and I was livid.  In hindsight, I should've expected that, but I really thought after we practiced the day before and really talked about it that morning that she was going to be a big girl and smile for Mrs. Kristen.  Boy was I wrong!  And Thomas followed her lead and got shy and clingy too.  So, knowing that, it is a complete miracle that Kristen managed to get a picture or two of all of us facing the camera!  They may not be smiling, but at least you can see their faces.  That's all I can hope for these days.  :)

I'm not going to show my favorite family picture because it will be going out in the mail next week on our Christmas cards.  But here are some other good ones.

I'll definitely have to frame these of Wyatt and Anna.  I'm glad to have some good updated pics of them!

This is the look you get from Thomas if he thinks you're going to try to take him away from his Daddy.

Glad to have a new picture of me and my honey.

This one is ok, I guess.  

Kristen took pictures of my brothers and their families too, but I don't have them.  I'm sure they got some good ones because their kids behave for the camera better!

What started as a family of five has grown to a family of seventeen!  And we're done now.  I think.

I like this full family shot best.  

But this one is my favorite shot from the whole day!  There were some pretty awesome dance moves going on behind the photographer to get all of these smiles and it was totally worth it.  Look at Thomas sitting by himself like a big boy!  This one will be on my parents' Christmas card so I apologize for ruining the surprise for the four-ish of you that read this blog and receive her card.  :)

The best part of having these pictures taken in October is that I've had my Christmas cards printed and in hand since early November!  Now if only they would address themselves...