October Phone Pics

Shoot, y'all.  I was gonna get this post done the first week of November.  And now it's almost Thanksgiving!  Geez.  Let's get to it --

October was huge for Katie Wynn...so many big girl things happened!  Like, for starters, we said goodbye to her crib!

And then immediately said hello to her new big girl bed!  I'll eventually do a post on some updates to her room.  Her first nap in her new bed required a hood.  :)  We had an easy transition and she sleeps great in the twin size daybed with no rails!  She rolled right off a few times the first week but that's not a problem anymore.  

Also during October, Katie Wynn had her first ever dentist appointment.  Bless her heart, I think she and I feel the same way about the doctor.  There are no action shots because it took so many of us to hold her down for the dentist to look in her mouth!  (Don't let those smiling pictures below fool you - that's when it was over and she was getting to pick out a prize.)  The dentist said we're doing a good job and we are thankful for that!

The same day as her dental appointment, she also got her hair cut off!  Seeing some of these pictures kinda makes me miss her long hair, but she rocks a bob better than anyone I know.  (I am a little jealous of her hair.)

Probably the BIGGEST big girl change is that Katie Wynn now wears panties every day!  We are so proud of her for taking this big step.  She and her brother also got new house shoes...can't just leave him out.  :)

October meant I could officially start dressing my babies in fall clothes, like these pumpkin shirts below.  There is so much about the picture on the left that I love - the hand-holding, the unprompted hand on hip and leg pop, the wind blowing her hair.  Sometimes they are just too, too precious.

Other times they refuse to smile for a picture with me!

October always means the annual guys trip for my family.  My dad and his two brothers started it several years ago and it has grown to include the next generation of boys - my brothers, husband, cousins.  This year was the first time that everyone was able to make it so they had a full group of ten.  They spend the weekend golfing, fishing, cooking, playing cards, and whatever else boys do!  I know they have a blast because they all talk about it the other 11 months of the year.

While Daddy and Poppy were away for the weekend, Mom helped me keep the babies entertained.  Saturday we took them to a fall festival and to buy pumpkins.  After a full morning of riding in the wagon, seeing displays, eating a funnel cake, picking pumpkins, etc, when asked what her favorite part was, Katie Wynn told me "the rocks!" As in, the pea gravel that she and Thomas played in while I shopped.  Why do I bother taking them places when they're perfectly happy with rocks?!

While Katie Wynn sniffed the metal yard art flowers, I snagged this cute rustic cart as a little happy for myself!  It's on our front porch and I'm excited to keep it filled with seasonal plants.  That mum bloomed the prettiest white flowers and has looked so good sitting in it!

Later that same day, we were invited over to Levi's house to play in his dirt pile.  Thomas had been fussing all afternoon but as soon as I plopped him on top of the mound, he was happy as a clam.  We may have to acquire a dirt pile for our own backyard this summer!  Can you tell from the picture on the right which kid may have eaten some dirt?  

Thank goodness for running water and bath tubs!  We were able to scrub all that dirt off so that they cleaned up nicely for church the next morning. 

During the month of October, Thomas had two favorite activities.  1 - Playing in Lolli's kennel.

2 - Cross-dressing.  At least on his feet.  Both of my kids love to wear my shoes around the house!

I took the kids to the playground one afternoon and for the first time ever, they didn't want my help climbing up the steps or going down the slides.  I was simultaneously so proud of them both for being brave and independent and so heartbroken that I wasn't needed.  How are they growing up this fast??

They both even went down the tall twisty slide on their own!  Just a couple months ago, Katie Wynn didn't even want to go down this while sitting in my lap.  

Everyone at our house loves spaghetti night.  I know so many moms have the messy spaghetti pictures of their kids but this is about as messy as I can let them get.  I can't help it - I prefer to just feed them myself to keep from having to clean up a gigantic mess afterwards.  I did let Thomas do a few bites on his own and he loved it.  He and Sister have matching bellies full of s'ketti.  


Matt and I took the kids out to the golf course one Saturday evening to scope out picture locations.  We had full family pictures scheduled there for the next day and we wanted to practice with our kids so they would cooperate.  (Spoiler alert: it didn't work.)  The course was empty since it was later in the day and the kids absolutely loved being able to run around and play on the putting green.  

Daddy and his littlest two.

Daddy and his littlest two.

Too tight, Sis!  Too tight!D

Too tight, Sis!  Too tight!D

I adore how he's sitting in this picture - those little pointed toes!

I adore how he's sitting in this picture - those little pointed toes!

I love this one too.  :)

I love this one too.  :)

One night when the big kids were over and we were all hanging out in Katie Wynn's room, I pulled out a surprise...matching monogrammed pullovers for everyone!  Ha!  Surprisingly, they were very well received by the big kids.  I think they kinda liked matching their little brother and sister.  :)

Family pile up on the bed!  Thanks, selfie stick.  

Finally, here are the last few randoms from my phone.  A good nap on the couch for my boys and story time on the bed with Daddy.  

On the left - the kids have figured out how to pull their chairs up to the fridge to help themselves to whatever is in the fridge.  Might have to purchase a lock for the doors...

On the right - after a quick ruffle removal, Katie Wynn's old hedgehog pants are now perfect for Thomas!  He looks cute in them.  :)

Guess who got a card in the mail from Granddaddy?!  Katie Wynn received a thank you note for a picture she had colored for him, and she was so excited to have something to open up and read.  I put it in her keepsake box so we'll always have it.  

That's a wrap on October!  Maybe I should go ahead and start on November now...