Mudroom Renovation, Finale

Part One of this renovation was all about how we hired someone to come rip out our old mudroom cubbies and build us something much better looking and more functional for our family.

Part Two was about our marathon days of painting every single surface in the entry hall, from the new built-ins to the walls and ceiling to the bright red doors.

And now, I'm back to show you the complete After pictures of this little renovation.  We have lived with it now for about three months and completely love it!  It is so nice to have a spot to throw our coats and bags as we walk in the door, and we still have room to store more stuff in the cabinets.


It was ridiculously hard trying to get a straight-on shot of the new built-ins in such a tight space.  I actually had to stand outside on the patio to try to get one.


When I originally designed the layout of the cabinets, I intended to put baskets up in that open space to throw things like hats and mittens in.  We don't need the additional storage yet so for now I just added some knick-knacks to decorate it.  I'm sure what's up there will change as I acquire things I like better. 

Mom was kind enough to cover a cushion for me and sew a couple throw pillows.  She really is the best.  The top of the bench hinges open for more storage.  It's still empty right now but I have a feeling it will corral outdoor toys in a few years.


My dad and husband updated the hardware on the two exterior doors (one goes to the garage, the other to our back patio).  Out with the gold and in with the oil rubbed bronze!  And so far I'm still loving the bright red doors.  But the fresh paint on the insides of them make the dirty outsides look horrible.  I think painting the other sides will be a good spring project.

I was super glad to move all of our beach towels out of my laundry room cabinets.  They were taking up way too much room!  This spot makes much better sense for them so that we can grab them on our way out the door to the pool.  Each cabinet has removable shelves like you can see in this one.

mudroom door

Look at the difference between these Before and After pictures.  Can we all agree that this is a HUGE improvement?


With this project complete, we're already scheming up the next one.  We may be calling Cesar the trim guy to come back sooner rather than later!