I thought it would be fun to do a little update on every topic imaginable for my babies.  At the time of writing, Katie Wynn is 2 years, 2.5 months old and Thomas is 6.5 months old.


  • Katie Wynn is holding strong at around 25 pounds.  I know she's growing because we're moving up in clothing size, but I think that big belly of hers may be slimming down.
  • As of yesterday's doctor's appointment, Thomas weighs 17.7 pounds.  He is 27" long, which puts him in the 50-75 percentiles for both height and weight.

Clothing Size:

  • Katie Wynn is wearing a size 2T, but I have to roll up the sleeves on almost all of her shirts.  Thank goodness for a Mimi who sews and can make tops and pants that are the right length!  She wears a size 6 shoe and her diapers are a size 4.
  • Thomas is currently wearing mostly 6 month clothes.  The couple pairs of crib shoes that he has are also 6 months and we just moved him up to size 3 diapers.


  • Katie Wynn has 16 teeth but I have a feeling her two-year-old molars will be appearing soon.  She's had a few unexplained fevers that I've decided to blame them for.
  • Still no teeth yet for Mr. Thomas but with the amount of drool he's producing, you'd think there'd be at least a little bud in there!

Favorite Foods:

  • Like her mama, Katie Wynn likes sweets!  If she had it her way, she'd have donuts and chaw-kit milk for breakfast everyday, "cannie" (candy - specifically, hershey kisses) for lunch, and pizza for dinner.  And then she'd want ice cream and a kooky for dessert!  Pizza is probably her most consistently liked food.  She also still loves to eat baby food vegetables.  I can give her a container of pretty much any vegetable and she'll eat it like it's pudding!
  • Thomas loves apples and bananas!  We've have begun introducing more solid foods and for the most part, he's happy with anything we put in his mouth.

Least Favorite Foods:

  • Katie Wynn is pretty good at trying most things we give her.  She still is not crazy about some meat or real vegetables but will occasionally eat them on a good day.  I have a hard time getting her to drink her milk; she'd rather have juice or water.
  • T-Man does NOT like green peas.  Thank goodness because those things stink!!  (I'll probably still make him eat them though...)


  • Katie Wynn is a total parrot and will repeat just about anything you say!  I'm constantly laughing at the extra syllables in her words or the ones she picks out from a phrase.  This post shows what she's been talking about lately!
  • No real words from Thomas just yet, but he babbles on and on all day long.  And he's LOUD.  If you don't know him, you'd probably think he was fussing, but he's really just yelling and screaming in his own little language.  I have a feeling I'm going to be telling him to use his "inside voice" a lot over the years.


  • Katie Wynn still gets called Katie Bug a lot.  I've noticed that a couple of the daycare teachers call her that too; I'm not sure if they heard us say it or call her that on her own.  In text, I always refer to her by her initials (KW), but when I read that in my head I don't say kay-double-you, I say kay-dub.  
  • Thomas goes by just T or T-man or T-bone.  I didn't realize how often I also call him Buddy until I heard Katie Wynn call him that.  I've heard her say it several times now!


  • Katie Wynn is still a pretty good sleeper.  We have been paci-free for over a month now and so she occasionally has problems soothing herself to sleep.  Once she's asleep, though, she's still out for the night.  Her normal schedule is to go to bed around 7:30 (falls asleep by 8:30) and wake in the morning around 6:30.  Obviously that's not every day but those are the most regular times.  She also still takes one afternoon nap for 2-ish hours (on the weekends it sometimes lasts 3 or 4 hours!).  She is still sleeping in her crib and has not tried to climb out.  But she has started climbing just a tad on her bumpers so the time could be coming.  We have already purchased a big girl bed so that we'll be ready when the time comes!
  • Thomas goes to bed at night by 7:30 and is sleeping in a zipadee-zip sleep sack like his big sister did.  We usually have to pop his paci back in a couple times before we hit the sack, but then he's out for a while.  He has begun rolling over so he occasionally wakes himself up by hitting the rails or getting squished up in the corner of the bed.  We just recently added three sides of his bumper so we can have fewer middle of the night injuries.  He still does lots of catnapping throughout the day but usually has at least 2 good naps that last over an hour.


  • Is KW too old for milestones now?  If I had to pick one for her, I'd say that it's singing.  She can join in on several songs if you sing along with her.  Every now and then I'll catch her singing, "let it go, let it go, let it go" by herself.  
  • Thomas is rollin', rollin', rollin' all over the place!  He is definitely mobile.  He can roll both ways and uses it to get him to anything in the room he wants.  He can also scoot backwards and I've caught him up on all fours twice.  He'll be crawling soon!  He can also sit up but is still wobbly enough that I won't leave him sitting by himself.  He's also found his toes and thinks they're pretty cool.

Favorite Activity:

  • Katie Wynn loves to work puzzles at her Mimi's house.  Lately, she has been obsessed with pulling off Thomas's socks and wearing them as gloves.  She loves to jump!  She can often be found jumping in circles in the middle of the floor and if she sees you looking at her, she'll yell, "I jumpin'!!"
  • Thomas's favorite activity is probably to stick things in his mouth.  He is holding toys and small objects well now and they all immediately go into his mouth.  He also likes to pull hair, especially his mama's and sister's!

Are there any big stats that I left off?  Let me know in the comments and I'll add them!