Tiny Talkers

Time for another installment of Tiny Talkers, formerly known as Chit-Chats.  I am amazed, amazed I tell ya, at how much Katie Wynn's vocabulary has grown.  She is saying so much these days and talking about things that I don't even know she knew about!  I can't even keep up with it all, but here are some of my favorites that I can recall...

Manket - Blanket

Ban-bay - Bandaid

Nakkin - Napkin

Kooky - Cookie

Cannie - Candy

Boorgars - Boogers

Joos (rhymes with shoes) - Juice

WHO RAY! - Hooray!  Technically pronounced correctly, just as two words instead of one. 

Chaw-kit Milk - Chocolate Milk

See-bites - Cereal bites, a daycare term for dry cereal.

No-nuts - Donuts

Fwaffles - Waffles

'Roni - Either macaroni or beefaroni

Kay-win - She finally knows how to respond to "What's your name?"  Of course, you have to actually know her name to understand what she's saying, but still...

Mines - Mine.  I'm not sure why this is plural all of a sudden.

Vegables - Vegetables

Med-thin - Medicine

What Mama doing? - What are you doing, Mama?

Wock me, Mama! - Rock me, Mama.  Usually said at night time when she's stalling going to sleep.

Happy know it, happy know it - Sing If You're Happy And You Know It.

I poopy! - Usually means she has on a wet diaper.

Show me! - This means she wants you to hold her up at the fridge and let her open the doors (she has to open them) and let her look inside to pick her own snack.

I watch Thomas! - Her response every single night to the question, "Are you ready to take a bath?"  It means she wants Thomas to go first so she can delay hers (and subsequently, bedtime) a little longer.

Bleth you! - Bless you, said after both sneezes and coughs.

Pulling into my parents' driveway.
Katie Wynn: I see Mimi houth!  (I see Mimi's house!)
Me: Yes, we're at Mimi's house!
Points to workshop in backyard.
KW: I see Poppy houth!

Me: We'll be back in a little bit, Matt.
Katie Wynn: Back in 'ittle bit, Matt!

Poppy, to Katie Wynn: Come on, sugar.  Let's go inside.
Katie Wynn, to Charlie (the dog): Come on, thugar. Go inthide!

Katie Wynn, while holding Tickle Me Elmo: Elmo nothe (nose) not work.  It need battwees.
Me:  It needs batteries?!
KW: Uh-huh.  It fwoken. (Broken)
(I have no idea how she knows about batteries.)

Me, after church: Did you have fun at children's church?
Katie Wynn:  Uh-huh!
Me: Did you color?
KW: No
Me: Well, what did you do?
KW: I cwied.  
Me: You cried?  Why did you cry?!
KW: I wanted my mama.

Katie Wynn:  I want joos.  (Juice)
Me: What do you say?
KW:  Thank-oo.
Me:  Can you say please first?
KW: Peas first.

Mama or Daddy: Sings Happy Birthday to You song.
KW: Now we eat cupcakes!
(We get asked to sing this song a lot.)

Mama:  Who is that on your shirt?
KW: Apple Sauce!
(She meant Santa Claus.)

While combing her hair.
Katie Wynn: Oooh my goo-ness, I so pitty!  (Oh my goodness, I'm so pretty!)

Katie Wynn, to me: Keen (Clean) up my mess!

Lala, to Katie Wynn: Thank you!
Me, to KW: Can you say, "You're welcome?"
KW: I welcome!

I know there are so many more, but that's all I can think of right now!  I may come back and add more as I remember them.  :)