16 Months Old

It's crazy to me that Katie Wynn is already 16 months old.  What happened to my little baby?  Everyday she becomes more and more of a little girl with thoughts and opinions and ideas all her own.  It's so fun to get to watch the wheels turn in her head while she discovers new things.  I just love getting to be her mama.  It is, hands down, my very favorite job.

This past week we had her 15 month checkup.  Yes, we were a month behind.  We didn't get to see our usual doctor but we loved the one we saw in her place.  And Katie Wynn got a great report!  She weighed in at just 21 pounds, only 1 pound more than at 12 months.  I was concerned but Dr. Campbell didn't seem to be at all.  

(Barefoot in the dr.'s office = gross, I know, but at least we were the first ones there for the day?)

15 mo checkup
15 mo checkup

After just a few minutes of observing Katie Wynn, Dr. Campbell commented that I had a little independent one on my hands.  I wanted to say, "Tell me something I don't know," as we battle everyday when it's time to get dressed.  Sweet girl, for the love of all things good and holy, as soon as you learn your left from your right and top from bottom, I will let you put your shoes on yourself every. single. day.  But until then, just let mama help, mkay?

making a shirt!

I commented to my mom today that Katie Wynn has probably cried more during this month (January) than she has her whole little life!  Poor girl has just had it rough lately.  Between starting daycare, a bad cold, what seems to be a case of separation anxiety, and just run-of-the-mill toddlerness, we are all about ready to close the books on this month!  

stirring the pot
grocery shopping

Today was a good example of one of her out-of-nowhere breakdowns.  We had a mini Valentine photoshoot scheduled for 3:00.  After church, we had a quick lunch and I put her down for a nap so she'd be in good spirits.  She awoke in a great mood, had a snack, got dressed easily, and laughed the whole way in the car.  But when we got to the shoot location and I put her down in the little rocking chair, massive amounts of tears!  Screaming and bawling!  For no reason at all!  Her mimi and I were both there trying to cheer her up.  We even got Lolli out of the car to calm her but nothing would work.  The photographer had a giant lollipop for her and even that didn't do the trick.  We stayed and watched the next session - a friend of ours - hoping that would help her see that it was ok, but nothing was going to get her to smile for the camera.  

Then we got home and she was all about that giant lollipop and sitting for the camera.  What a little toot!  I only had my phone camera handy but I have saved the lollipop so we can try again with my real camera on another pretty day.  So much for that paid-for photo session.  :(

valentine sucker
two lollipops

Two lollipops in one picture!  Har har.

We are definitely getting some good glimpses of the terrible twos, but we have some really, really good moments too.  There is no better feeling than when she runs towards me to give my leg a good squeeze, or when her face lights up after I walk in the room.  And the times when I say, "Can I have a kiss?" and she actually stops what she's doing to come over and plant one right on my lips?  That's when my heart just melts into a giant puddle.

I texted the picture below to her daddy to show him that I tried to curl her hair.  :)

curled hair

Just so I have it written somewhere, here are some current K-dub stats.  She can say Mama, Dada, no, more, bye, woah, night night, ball, and I'm sure a few more words that I'm forgetting.  She can give fives and high fives, wave bye-bye and blow kisses, give hugs, find her belly, belly button, toes, and nose.  She knows what a hairbrush is for and can help put her toys away.  She knows all the supplies needed to change a diaper and where to find them (though we've since had to childproof that cabinet since she was wasting them all on Baby Doll).  She can use a pencil to scribble on paper.  This week she has also tried to scribble on cabinets and walls.  When I ask her if she's stinky, she'll grab her bottom if she is.  She can sign for more, all done, and please.

She went on a crazy teething spurt and has a good mouth full of them now.  I think there are about 12 in total, but she doesn't like for me to take a look.  She drinks whole milk and, unfortunately, still prefers it out of a bottle.  We are trying hard to push the sippy cup (she will drink juice out of a sippy cup though).  She still sleeps with her paci and, thanks to daycare, keeps it in her mouth a lot during the day too.  She LOVES to drink whatever I'm drinking, especially fun things like smoothies, slushes, and icees.  I've found myself hiding from her when I have something I don't want to share.  :)  

As far as food goes, she could live on fruit alone.  She devours mandarin oranges and bananas like crazy.  She also loves blueberries, strawberries, and peaches.  Crackers and bread of any kind are always a hit.  Any flavor of yogurt or applesauce makes her happy.  She will eat any vegetable in pureed or baby food form, but doesn't really like them in their real form.  We really have to work on that one.  I probably shouldn't admit it, but she has a bit of a sweet tooth.  She can spot a powdered donut or nutty butter bar from across the room and knows exactly what kind of wrapper a Hershey kiss comes in.  As with most toddlers I'm sure, everything else just depends on the day.  One day she likes ham, the next she doesn't.  Sometimes string cheese is the best thing ever, other days it's the worst.  A lot of food gets thrown on the floor as we try to determine what kind of food day we're on.

ball popper
box of balls

Even during the most trying moments, I can't imagine wanting to spend my time with any other little girl.  She keeps my heart full (and my house a complete wreck).  I think she is going to be a very caring and sweet big sister.  But then as soon as our little boy is old enough to hold his own, I have a feeling she's going to be a bit bossy too.  :)  

Matt is traveling this week so it's just me and Katie Wynn.  I'm just praying that we survive, but some good days at daycare would really be icing on the cake!  Here's to only a few days left in January!