San Diego Zoo

Last Saturday we spent the majority of the day at the San Diego Zoo. It's the largest zoo in the world and I can confirm that it's ginormous! We got this map as we walked in and we had to use it all day to keep from getting lost.

You know the zoo's going to be awesome when even the bushes are shaped like plants.

The first thing we did was hop on the sky tram to head to the opposite side of the zoo.

I hope you guys like animals because I've got about 254 pictures of them to share. I mean, how can you not go to a zoo and not take a ton of pictures? Especially at the largest zoo. Don't worry, I won't bore you with ALL of the pictures, just a lot of them. You're welcome.

Up first: some hairy pig things.

I have no idea what this animal is, but look! A baby!

These dudes got into a bit of a fight right in front of us.

Just eating. And drooling.

This photo should probably be censored.

Dad? Is that you?

My, what pretty teeth you have.

Tip o' the iceberg...


Obviously we couldn't pass up the monkey masks without taking pictures.

Have you met my husband, Crazy Eyes Doc?

The original Pink Ladies.

Ok, this was one of my favorite exhibits. Seriously, how stinking cute are those ears?

And I thought I could nap anywhere...

The koalas must've partied hard the night before. This guy was the only one awake.

Gao Gao the nineteen year old panda, munching on some bamboo. He weighs 165 pounds.

Loved being at the zoo with this guy! We hadn't been to a zoo since our wedding day.

Midway through the day we rode up this escalator. Seriously, that zoo is huge!

I feel like these guys may be a little dramatic. "Gawd, it's so hot out here!"

Elephants - my brother's favorite.


Doc and I watched this rhino for a few minutes before realizing the big "rock" beside him was another rhino's rear end.

They kinda look cute while they're sleeping, don't they?

We laughed at this guy who was obviously in trouble and had to stand in the corner.

The giraffes were our last stop and they were so pretty!

My feet were so tired by the time we left, but it was so much fun! We had perfect weather for it, too.

I still have tons of pictures from our trip to share. I'll try to get them done soon!