Action Packed

We've been having a great time at the beach. There is no sign of oil (yet) and the water has been crystal clear. We had a big storm last night so quite a bit of seaweed moved in but it was pretty easy to swim out past it. Today I've been playing around with the "continuous shot" setting on my camera. I think I captured some pretty good action shots. If these pictures don't make you laugh, I don't know what will.

We'll start with this sequence of four innocent girls just laying on the beach...

And have you met my Baywatch husband?

We also had some fun in  the pool this afternoon. Doc showed off his front flip.

I just did a regular ol' cannon ball.

But then Antonio did a cannon ball too and he got a lot more height on his than I did.

Mary Elizabeth did a perfect dive.

And Matt gave us "The Michael Jordan." (Watch for the arm provides an extra boost.)

There was also a little bit of air-guitar...

...and jack-knife 180s.

And now, I really need you to pay attention to these last two sequences so you can decide who is better.

Boys doing toe-touches?

Or girls doing toe-touches?

Please leave your vote in the comments so we can know who gets the bragging rights. Be sure to consider things like height of toe-touch, pointed toes, and overall synchronization of the group.