Couples Shower

Finally, I have time to recap our party from last weekend! A week late's not too bad, right? These were the invitations that were sent out a few weeks in advance.

My friend Matt did the design work and printed them for me, and then I cut all the tissue paper fringe and glued it on. The last step was to sew the red line across the fringe "skirt."

In each invitation was one of these tags with instructions to bring a gift that started with that letter and to attach it to the gift.

I tried to go around the house and take pictures of all the decorations before the guests arrived. I think I missed a couple of things, but here's the bulk of them.

The banner was hanging on the mantle.

Two mini tissue poofs hung from the doorway separating the kitchen and the living room.

And the rest of them were hung in the kitchen over our bar.

The pom-pom skewers were set out beforehand, just waiting for their food.

I tied ribbon around two jars so the wooden flatware would match the theme.

And these cute napkins sat on another corner of the table.

The centerpiece on the table was a few of my wooden test tube vases. I wanted red flowers for them and roses were my only choice. I added the daisies and the ribbon to try to make them look more cutesy and less romantic.

Doc brought home some sunflowers earlier in the week, and I dressed them up so they'd match the party, too.

The cupcakes in jars were lined up like an army of deliciousness, just waiting for people to take them home.

Outside, we put a sign in our flowerbed so all of our guests would come to the right house. Jenny and Darrin got to take it home with them.

We also hung lights outside. This was probably my favorite part. I love strings of lights!

Luckily we got everything done and ready with about 15 minutes to spare before the party started. Just in time!

Reason #34 why I'm friends with Jenny and Darrin: they came dressed to match the theme.

Our other friends didn't get that memo, but we let them come in anyway.

It wasn't long after everyone arrived that the food was ready.

Here are the pom-pom skewers full of fruit.

And the whole spread: pork tenderloin, cowboy beans, spinach orzo salad, fruit, and rolls.

After dinner, the party moved outside for some cornhole.

The weather was pretty perfect for sitting outside.

We headed inside after a bit to watch the guests of honor open gifts. It was fun to see what everyone came up with for their letters.

D for Dave's Dinners cookbook.

S for scrabble and sangria.


A welcome mat for W.

Our letter was C, so we made them a cornhole set painted in Texas colors (Darrin's alma mater).  It got broken in during the party.

It's safe to say they got lots of good, fun, and unique gifts. I think they were pleased!

One last picture with the couple, and that's a wrap!