A Happy Halloween

Raise your hand if you can't believe it's already November.  Mine is up high!  I had a mini freakout when I started receiving emails last week about what I want for Christmas.  It's time for that already?!  Suddenly I feel behind - I haven't even started my shopping yet!  Deep breaths.  We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. Another successful halloween is in the books.  First, let's start with our kids.  I didn't get to see them in costumes in person, so Doc had to send me a picture.  Wyatt is a dementor (from Harry Potter but I have no idea what that really means) and Anna is a greek goddess, maybe Athena?  I asked Anna who Athena is but I don't think she really even knows...I'm pretty sure the costume was chosen for its cuteness.  Nothing wrong with that!

I have to confess that I was the Halloween scrooge Monday night.  I didn't think I would be at home during our neighborhood's trick-or-treating hours, so I didn't buy any candy.  Then I found myself at home alone with still an hour and a half left to go.  I turned off all the lights and hid in the bedroom.  Lolli barked her head off every time the doorbell rang.  I hate that I missed all the cute trick-or-treaters, but I didn't have anything to give them!

Our church had its annual Trunk or Treat event on Sunday night, so we were able to go see the niece and nephews all dressed up.  Just like on his birthday, Parker dressed up as Spiderman.  I asked him to give me a smile but this is the best I could get.  His lopsided spider eyes cracked me up all night.  I have no idea how he saw anything because they were never lined up with his eyes!

By the time I made it to the church, little Bren had already made the rounds filling up her bag, and parked it in her Mom's trunk to eat all her candy.  I tried every way possible to coax her out to play with me, but she was too busy.  I can't compete with a bag full of candy!  After changing her mind 1,284 times, she ended up as Pinkalicious.

It took me a while to find Jett.  He was off running from trunk to trunk, getting more candy and playing all the games.  Of course, the fact that he was camouflaged didn't make it any easier for me to spot him.

Speaking of games, here's Parker trying to play basketball like the bigger boys.

Ramer made an appearance at Trunk-or-Treat too.

I just now realized I never got a full shot of him in his monster get-up.  Darn.  It was really sunny that day, so most of my pictures look pretty bad.

Go figure that as soon as Ramer arrived, Bren finally hopped out of the car.  I'm not sure that she loved the idea of her Mom holding another baby.

Quick family photo of my brother Ben's family.  There may be more closed eyes than open ones, I can't really tell.

My parents with the youngest grandchildren.  And look, Ramer's waving to the camera!

The other two kids jumped in for a picture, too.

Doc was standing with my two brothers, so I told them to get together for a picture.  Typical guys, they stood about three feet away from each other.  I asked them to get closer - it was even ok if they touched - so I could fit them all in the frame.  So, of course, they gave me this.  I feel like it should be on some kind of awkward family photo website.

I let them have a re-do.  Cause I'm nice like that.

Got one of the girls too!  Except that I look like I need a nap.

And that wraps up our halloween!  How was yours?