The NB Diaries: Chapter 10

Today's chapter of The NB Diaries comes by way of my coworker.  She relayed this story to me after spending some time in NB's office this morning.  I SO wish that I had been there in person, but knowing NB, I can totally hear it all in my head. So, to set the scene, it's 8:30 am and Kim is in NB's office working on a project.  Kim pulled her guest chair up to the desk as NB shuffled through a stack of papers trying to find a particular report.  According to Kim, NB seemed a bit frazzled.  Just didn't really have it all together.  Kim was already reviewing her notes for their project when the following conversation ensued.

NB: Sigh  It's just been one of those days already. Kim: Oh really?  What's wrong? NB: I forgot my shoes. Kim: Puzzled NB: I only have my old ones that I wear back and forth from the parking garage and they're leather.

[Editor's note:  Remember, NB is vegan.]

Kim: Oh, I'm sure they look fine. NB: (in whiny voice) Uh, but they're ooold, and they look terrible. Kim: Well, that's not that bad.


NB:  I also forgot to put on a bra.

Aaaaaaand scene.