Sew Over

Have I told you that I've been doing a lot of sewing lately? Well, I have. I can officially check the "figure out how to use my sewing machine" resolution off my list. Last spring I volunteered to help out a couple of friends by sewing table linens for their upcoming weddings. I come from a family where every female owns a sewing machine and knows how to use it, so I can't imagine not having a mom/grandma/aunt that can sew something for you. So, of course I was very happy to be able to help. Plus, I thought it'd be great practice. After all, it's just straight lines, right?

My mom and I did lots of shopping and cut lots of fabric swatches before both brides-to-be settled on colors. We ordered the appropriate yardage and when it came in, it was time to get sewing!

Except, you don't start sewing right away.

Instead, you measure. And cut. And iron. And pin. And then, after you finally get to sew one edge, you might have to iron and pin again before you can finish sewing that edge. And the math! Now, I like numbers and all but when my mom started talking about how wide things should be and seam allowance and how to get the most out of our yards and yadda yadda yadda, things just got jumbled in my head.

But, I survived all the pre-work (barely, only tried to bail out once or twice) and finally got to the major sewing part. And you know, that part really was kinda fun. Once everything was lined up and ready to go, sewing those straight lines wasn't too bad. And I loved putting the pedal to the metal, so to speak.  Except most times, when I got going and things were really on a roll, that's when I'd look back and realize that the whole seam wasn't actually sewn together because I'd run out of thread on my bobbin. That darn bobbin! Gets you every time.

And now, finally, I can report that all the sewing is done! (Well, most of it.)

Over the last couple of months (but mostly the past two weeks), I have sewn:

12 - table runners out of fall-orange fabric 6 - fall-orange bistro table overlays 16 - table runners out of green/white fabric with deep purple trim 4 - green/white/purple bistro table overlays 1 - green/white/purple groom's cake table overlay

And over the past two weeks, my mom has sewn:

12 - goldish-greenish "poofs" to sit on top of fall-orange table runners 1 - goldish-greenish cake table overlay with fall-orange trim 2 - extra fall-orange table overlays 1 - green/white cake table overlay with deep purple trim

Still to do: one ring bearer pillow out of green and white fabric.

I know what you're thinking..."Wow, your mom rocks! I can't believe she helped you that much on something that you volunteered for!"  And you know what, I couldn't agree more. I have a pretty awesome mom.

And to say thank you, I just booked us two appointments at Gould's Spa for Saturday morning on October 9.  Did you see that, Mom? While all the men in the family are off on their trip doing boy things like fishing and golfing, you and I will be getting massages! Woo hoo!

For you readers: sorry, but I did not make you a spa appointment. BUT, I will take pictures of all these linens in action for you to see. You're welcome.