Birth Story: Part Four

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We survived our first night with the new baby!  With everything I had been through, I was still burning hot.  Poor Doc froze the whole night.  We kept the temperature in the room cool and he head to sleep on the leather sofa.  Halfway through the night he got up to put on pants and long sleeves and socks.  I felt really bad, but not bad enough to raise the temperature!

Our first visitors of the day were Chris and Allison.  (Sorry this is getting cropped off.)

Allison knew that I had been craving sushi and brought with her the cutest plate of  sushi made out of baby clothes.

My oldest brother, Nick, stopped by on his lunch break.

In the early afternoon, Doc picked the older two kids up from school so they could meet their new daughter.  They both received cards, candy, and Target gift cards from their new sister, and Doc had purchased Where The Sidewalk Ends and marked a few poems for them to read to her.  They really got into their readings!

Anna was excited to hold her new sister.  Wyatt was a little more nervous and passed.  I'm not sure there are many 12-year-old boys itching to hold a newborn.

Doc and all three of his sweet babies.

As they left, Nick returned with the rest of his family.  After giving me a balloon, this little girl came and told me she broke her leg.

I asked her about that since her leg looked perfectly fine, and she just changed the subject and told me her school burned down.  Her dad told me they'd had a fire drill that day.  Good thing she doesn't overexaggerate.

The week before Katie arrived, I had picked up a few things from the Target dollar bins to entertain all the kids when they came to visit.  I think the best purchase were these stick on mustaches!  Please meet Mario and Luigi...

There were some crazy glasses too...


Bren finally decided she wanted to hold the baby.  I'm just glad she lost the glasses and mustache first and didn't scare my little girl!

Shortly after they all left, Meghan and Megan arrived.  They are both expecting babies so I did my best to tell them exactly what to expect for delivery!  I even showed them the oh-so-sexy underwear they can look forward to wearing afterwards!

I hate that I didn't get a picture of every guest that came to see us.  We so appreciated everyone stopping by to see our little girl!

The next day at the hospital was short.  Katie and I were both discharged in the morning and we were loaded up and ready to head home before noon.  Here's my girl in her carseat for the first time.

After being home for over a week now, we're definitely getting settled and finally starting to find our groove.  I think I'll write one final pregnancy post to wrap up how I've felt since being home, and then we can call this pregnancy done!