The Longest 24 Hours Ever

5:10 - Shut down computer and pack up to leave work.  Working late on a Friday afternoon = not a good start to the weekend. 5:15 - Make it to my car and race home.

5:22 - Free Lolli from her kennel and head outside to go potty (her, not me).

5:30 - Back inside, head upstairs to change clothes.

5:34 - Reach the top of the stairs and hit a wall of hot air.  Send text to Doc:  "Warning: it's 85 degrees upstairs."

5:38 - Doc's home.  He decides to turn it off for a minute and then turn it back on.

5:50 - With swimsuits on, we hop in the car and head to my brother's house.

6:20 - Arrive at swimming party at Parker's house.

6:22 - He shows us his new water shooter.

6:23 - Doc cannonballs into the deep end.  I decide to sit with my mom and Beth Elizabeth because the water is COLD!

6:30 - Nick pegs Elizabeth with a water-logged ball.  Not a nice husbandly thing to do.

6:30-6:45 - Pops, wearing his new sanuks, mans the grill.

6:32 - I ask Bren if she's gonna get in the water, and receive this look as an answer.  What was I thinking?

7:00 - Food's ready!  We all head inside to eat.

7:20 - Nick declares that the corn on the cob is awesome.

7:21 - Mom couldn't agree more.

7:30 - Jett, back outside after eating, decides to drop his swim trunks and water the flowers.

7:33 - Parker, wearing a swimmy diaper, wants to "teetee like Jett."

7:34 - Still working on getting "in position."

7:35 - From the kitchen table, we see a small sprinkle.  Success!

7:36 - Thankfully, he remembers to pull up.

7:40-8:00 - Chit chat around the kitchen table.  One topic is baby names, as Parker still wants his baby brother to be named Target.  My sister-in-law told us she prefers Elizabeth over Beth, thus her new name on the blog.

8:15 - Bren, always the homebody, is ready to go.

8:30ish - We hit the road, headed back home.

9:00 - We're welcomed back home with more heat.  Turning the AC unit off and then back on didn't work.

9:32 - I texted my friend Allison, who had to have her AC unit repaired last year, for a name and phone number of a good repair man.

9:35 - Doc calls Landmark AC's 24 hour service and requests a call back.

9:45 - I declare that we are sleeping downstairs.  It's way too hot upstairs.

9:46 - Start dragging out air mattress and quilts.

9:53 - Our beds are made for the night.

10:48 - We get the return call from Landmark AC.  The repair man says he has an 8am appointment and then we'll be his next stop.

10:50 - Satisfied that our AC will be fixed early the next day, we decide to call it a night.

10:51 - Lolli gets put to bed in her kennel that's sitting in the kitchen.

10:55 - As I get settled on the air mattress, Lolli cries from the kitchen.

10:56 - Doc moves her and her kennel into the half bathroom and turns on the vent for some white noise.

11:00 - Lights out.

11:01-12:45 - Sleep.  Glorious, silent sleep.

12:45 - Lolli wakes up and starts barking.  And whining.  And yelping.

12:55 - I can't take it anymore.  "Doc!  Wake up!  What do we do about Lolli?  She's driving me crazy!"  "I guess we let her out and see if she'll sleep with us."

12:56 - Lolli is freed from her kennel and is so excited.  She runs laps around the living room.

12:57 - Back on the air mattress, I tell Doc that surely she'll settle down in a minute and we can go to sleep.

12:58 - Lolli realizes I'm practically sleeping on the floor and thinks its the best. thing. ever.  She pounces on the air mattress and bounces me around.

1:10 - Snotty, wet nose in the eye.  Surely she'll settle down soon.

1:12-15 - Click, click, click of her claws on the hardwood floor as she roams around.

1:18 - Flying leap onto the air mattress and wet, snotty nose in the eye.

1:25 - Laying at the foot of my bed, she's finally still.  "Please let her stay there," I pray.  "I won't move the whole night, if she'll just stay still."

1:28 - Back up and roaming around.

1:30 - Barking.

1:40 - Click, click, click...more walking on the hardwood.

1:45 - Lolli jumps up on the couch to check on Doc.

1:47 - She jumps from the couch to air mattress.  More bouncing.

1:50 - "Dear God," I pray, "please let me tune it out and fall asleep.  And please let whatever she does to the house during the night be something I can handle in the morning."

1:50-6:00 - Walking, jumping, bouncing, wet nose in the eye.  She never settled down and went to sleep.

6:17 - With approximately zero minutes of sleep after the initial 105 minute nap, decide to just get up.

6:18 - Take Lolli outside.

6:25 - Come inside and feed Lolli breakfast.  Contemplate changing clothes and getting a jump start on yardwork.

6:30 - Upstairs to change clothes, I try to convince myself it's really not that hot and maybe I can lay down and get some sleep on the bed.

6:31-7:45 - Lay on bed with three fans pointed on me and try to nap.  It's so hot I start wondering if the air has been sucked out of the room because I can't breathe.

7:45 - Doc's up.  I'm back up.  Get dressed to do yardwork.

8:00 - Doc heads to Home Depot to get some supplies.  I start mowing.

9:04 - Doc gets a phone call from our repair man.  He'll give us a call when he's about 20 minutes away.  It should be around noon.

9:05-12:00 - Since we're stuck out the house until the repair man arrives, we knock out lots of yardwork.  We mow, edge, weed-eat, install metal lining around the flower beds, put up mesh fencing so Lolli can't jump through the iron gate, round-up every weed in sight, and so on.

12:00 - We're sweaty and dirty with no where to go.  It's way too hot to go upstairs and shower.  The downstairs is cool but we're way too gross to sit on the furniture.

12:10 - We decide to wash the cars.

12:47 - The repair man calls.  He's finished up the job he was working on but has another one in the same neighborhood.  He asks permission to go ahead to that one first since it's closer.  We say ok.

1:30 - I decide since I can't shower and I can't sit on the furniture, I should bake a cake.  That makes sense, right?  I run upstairs to get a clean t-shirt to throw on before heading to the store.  While up there, I check the thermostat.

1:50 - Home from the store, I start working on my cake.  At some point, the thermostat topped at 94 degrees.  How is that even possible?

2:11 - Finally, another call from the repair man.  He's tied up at the second job and is sending another guy.  The other guy should be there in 20 minutes.

2:20 - With my cake in the oven, I brave the upstairs and try to take a super fast cold shower.

3:00 - Doc looks out the window and sees that our repair man has finally arrived.  "They sent us a 15 year old kid!"

3:05-5:15 - Turns out, the "kid" knew what he was doing.  We had a bad part that needed to be replaced - the capacitor? - and a lot of sludge that needed to be cleaned out.

5:30 - We watch as the digits on the thermostat slowly start decreasing.  Yay for cool air! And yay for finally getting to shower and get cleaned up