Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope that by now, you all have full bellies and are settled in for a nice, long nap.  I managed to squeeze in a quick one and now the baby has just settled in for one, so it's nice and peaceful! I think it's silly that we only designate one day each year to focus on our blessings, but I guess one day is better than no days at all, right?  And so I'll go ahead and jump on the "I am thankful for..." bandwagon and list some things that has me feeling especially blessed this year.  Though, really, no blog post could ever be big enough to list them all.

I am thankful for the big, general things:

  • A God that is so big and mighty and loves me everyday, even despite my constant failures.
  • Living in a country where I'm free to make my own choices.
  • A healthy body that allowed me to grow and carry my sweet angel for nine full months this past year.
  • A job that provides a stable income, supports a great cause, and is something I genuinely enjoy doing.
  • A big house to live in that keeps us warm and has more than enough room for us to all have our own space.
  • A fridge that's full of good food to eat, and when it empties, having the means to go to the store and fill it back up.

I am thankful for lots of people:

  • My husband that loves me all the time, is my best friend, and works so hard everyday to provide for our family.
  • My husband that is also the best daddy to his three children, going out of his way to cook meals they enjoy, cart them around town, hold them as they fall asleep in his arms, and love them to pieces.
  • My healthy, happy daughter who makes being a mama so fun and enjoyable and one of my greatest pleasures in life.
  • My mom who is my other best friend and spends more of her free time with me than she probably wants to, helping me take care of and love on my daughter, clean my house for guests, cook meals for friends, assist with projects, and shop at every store in town until I find exactly what it is I'm looking for.
  • My dad who gave me my sense of humor, provides work and financial advice, teaches me daily about tools and building things, loves my daughter and my dog (even if he won't admit it) and is my go-to handy man.
  • My two step-children who love their little sister, keep me and their dad on our toes, educate us on school lessons long forgotten, and teach us about all things tween/teen so we can attempt to be semi-cool.
  • My mother-in-law and father-in-law who love me just like I am their own, offer parenting advice for our children, spoil our kids every time they see them, and always cook us our favorite meals.
  • Two brothers, three sisters-in-law, and one brother-in-law that are all also friends that take care of us, tease us, joke with us, and remind us that life's short and shouldn't be taken too seriously.
  • Two nieces and five nephews that make me laugh so, so much and always steal my candy and, before becoming a mama, made being an aunt the best job ever.
  • Lollipop, the dog, who is so good around her new little sister, even when she gets overly excited or jealous of the attention.
  • A list of friends too long to list individually that are always there when we need them, bring us meals after moving or welcoming home a baby, join us for meals out, welcome us in their owns, and provide countless hours of fun and belly laughs.

I am thankful for material things:

  • My iPhone that I check a million times a day and that keeps me in touch with the real world while I'm on maternity leave.
  • My camera and laptop that allow me to blog and keep track of my life in pictures.
  • A fireplace that burns fire for me to sit next to and keep warm.
  • A new mattress being delivered next week to make my bed even cozier to sleep in.
  • New living room furniture and new rug that will be moved into the living room this weekend.
  • Footed pjs that my little girl looks stinkin' cute in.
  • Bologna sandwiches and french onion dip.
  • Packages full of Christmas presents to give arriving on our door step each day.
  • A DVR full of my favorite TV shows waiting to be watched.

Like I said before, this list doesn't even come close to including everything we have to be thankful for, but it's a start.  I hope your list is miles and miles long too.

Are you venturing out tomorrow for Black Friday shopping?  You couldn't pay me to go, and you know I love to shop!  I don't think there's a deal in the world good enough for me to go to Walmart at midnight.  Yeesh.

But guess what?!  In honor of all the super good deals going on tomorrow, I'm going to have a giveaway on this here blog.  Yep, I've got a craft project I knocked out forever ago and I've got an extra one to share with one of you fine readers.  Check back tomorrow for your chance to win!