Saturday and Sunday

I took lots of pictures Friday night. I did not take lots of pictures on Saturday and Sunday. Sorry. But we did have a very good, very productive weekend. I don't have much time to write right now, so I'll leave you with these two lists of events from the weekend. Things that made me glad:

   --   All of our trees got trimmed

   --   The kids gave the boxwoods "haircuts"

   --   New grass was planted and watered

   --   Dancing in the street while singing "Kokomo"

   --   Pictures finally hung on bare wall (pics to come)

   --   Kids' closet cleaned out

   --   Jewelry box cleaned out

   --   Donation for Vets bagged and ready to be picked up

   --   Sewing project was successful (pics to come)

   --   Spring/Easter decorations around the house 

   --   Mini shopping trip with lots of bonus bucks

   --   Church together as a family

Things that made me sad:

   --   Losing in a game of Horse

   --   Realizing the kids have outgrown all of their summer shoes and clothes

   --   Dropping my camera and breaking it

See how I just threw that last one in there like it's not a very big deal? Yea, it's a pretty big deal. I've had my new camera for two and a half months and have not even so much as scratched it, and then on Saturday night, just two days before my photography class starts, I dropped on the bathroom floor and messed up the lens. Just my luck, huh? I spent a good part of Sunday driving around trying to find someone who was open and could fix it, all to no avail. Doc was able to drop it off somewhere yesterday (Monday) morning but we have't heard back from them. Right now we're out $95, don't know if it's fixable, and I didn't have my camera for my first class. Luckily, I have a good friend with the same camera who graciously let me borrow his for the night.

So that was our weekend. How was yours?