Pick My Hairstyle

Easter pics will come soon - for now, we've got something more pressing to discuss.  I have an appointment for a haircut this Wednesday afternoon (T minus 2 days!) and I don't know what I want to do with my locks.  I think I'm ready to lose some length, but that's all I've decided.  Thus, I need your help. I've googled images for you.  I seached for "above-the-shoulder haircuts."  Look at them carefully.  [Disclaimer for my male readers (all three of you): these pictures will probably all look the same to you, but trust me, they're not.  And, getting my haircut like any of these will not magically make me look like the celebrity from the picture.  Sorry.]

Things to consider: 1 - I have very fine, very stringy hair. 2 - My hair has zero body and does not hold curl well. 3 - I don't do much styling.  My go-to right now is to throw in hot rollers, shake it out and go. 4 - After the initial fix in the morning, my hair gets no more attention throughout the day.  No touch-ups, afternoon brushes, or re-dos.

Option One - The Anne Hathaway           Cut just above the shoulders and mostly all one length.  No framing around the face.

Option Two - The Heidi Klum           Also cut just above the shoulders, but this time with long layers and some shorter pieces around the face.

Option Three - The Jessica Simpson           Shorter layers than Heidi's.  Ignore the bangs.  I don't do those.

Option Four - The Eva Longoria           Layers all around.  A little face-framing, but not too bang-ish.

So that's it.  Which celeb do you think makes the cut to be my inspiration photo: Anne, Heidi, Jess, or Eva?  Or should I just show up empty-handed and let my hairstylist have at it?