It's Done

My hair is gone.  I wasn't nervous at all until I was actually sitting in the chair.  When my hair stylist made the first snip, I nearly yelped.  A lock of about 5 inches fell to the floor. Now I feel naked.  And I used way too much shampoo this morning.

Here's how it went down.  I showed the stylist the pictures of both Anne and Heidi because I was still undecided.  He liked Heidi better so that's what we went with.  Except I'm not sure that it really looks like Heidi's. 

Ready for pics?  He was running behind when I got there so I had to wait.  I tried to sneak a before shot without anyone noticing that I was taking pictures of myself.

Behold, the Before.

Even I can admit that my ends were looking kinda grody.

Thirty minutes of holding my breath later, I looked like this:

I like it.  I think.  It feels so weird.

He did cut some short pieces in the front but, as expected, I don't like them.  Luckily, I can still tuck them behind my ear. 

Here's a picture of the new do today, after styling it myself.  I was sitting at my desk and trying to be discreet again. 

I think one side may be a tidge longer than the other.  That seems to always happen when I get my hair cut.  Get ready to give me a trim, Mom.  :)

So what do you think?  Is the length good?  Should I try to get my money back?  What about highlights - yay or nay?

Oh, and since we're on the subject, I'm not the only one who got a haircut this week.  Lollipop went in for her first grooming appointment.  Since she's still a puppy the groomer suggested just trimming up around her face and feet and, ahem, private areas.  That was fine with me, because as much as I wanted her bangs to be trimmed, I was really nervous about the rest of her hair being cut.  I don't have good before and after pictures, but I did snap this one while we were in the bathroom hiding from the tornadoes.  Someone left the groomer's with a pretty little bow...

Do I dare ask whose haircut you think is cuter?