Can I get a woo hoo for the weekend?!  Man, I thought this week would never end.  I feel like I worked at least 12 days this week and our busy season is just now beginning.  It's gonna be a long few weeks.  But who cares about that right now?  It's the weekend, and a long one at that! Doc's office closed early today so by the time I made it home he'd already grocery-shopped and had a dinner menu ready to go.  He also brought home some fresh flowers!  There's a big vase full downstairs, but he also put a little bud vase upstairs on my vanity.  I love having fragrant flowers in the bathroom.  He's a good, good hubby.

Doc was nice enough to invite my dad over for dinner since my mom is still out of town.  While they chit-chatted, I gave Lolli a very much needed B-A-T-H.  Even with her buzz cut, she still looks funny when she's wet.

It's no secret that Doc likes to prepare a good meal, and he really out-did himself with this one.  My dad really lucked out in getting to join us!

Caprese salads (my favorite, though we've tried not to have them as much since that mozzarella cheese seems to make itself at home on my thighs...), asparagus with crushed red pepper, and prime beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon and topped with butter.  Healthy?  Not so much.  Delicious?  Oh yeeeaaahhh.

As Doc was plating the food, my dad told him to leave the asparagus off of his since he didn't like it.  Just then, I thought back to all those nights when, as a child, I was forced to sit at the table all night long until I ate my peas/broccoli/potatoes/whatever.  The rule at our house was that you had to have at least three different things on your plate and you couldn't get up to play until it was all eaten.  Oh yea, payback's a you-know-what.  I promptly scooped up one of my stalks of asparagus and placed it on my dad's plate.  "Can't get up til you've eaten all three things," I told him.

And, just as I sometimes did, my dad cut his asparagus and hid it in between all the good stuff so that he wouldn't taste it as it went in.  I guess he hasn't mastered the trick of feeding it to the dog...

Just when we'd stuffed ourselves silly, Doc brought out the mother of all desserts.

Holy toledo, that was good!  Wafer cookies, homemade white chocolate whipped cream, strawberries and raspberries.  With a dusting of powdered sugar.  Ohmygoodness.

When we finally felt like we could get up without bustin' a gut, I asked the guys to hop in the car with me to go for a short drive down the street.  The destination?  Allison's house.  Specifically, her closet.  Yep.

Allison handed her keys over to me for the weekend to do some Porter-sitting, and I thought it'd be a good time to do some mini-renovating too.  And why not take advantage of the two guys I had with me for the evening?

This is the little nook in Allison's closet that was less than useful.

Allison thought filling the nook with shelves would give her added storage, the only problem was that the space wasn't a standard shelf size.  So she called me up and I went to work cutting some custom-length shelves.

I started out as the lead-installer, but quickly moved back to lead-photographer when I couldn't find any studs other than the two I'd brought with me.  (Wait, did I just call my dad a stud?  Ew.)  I turned it over to the professionals men.

It was really too tight of a space for me to get any decent pictures, so I wandered downstairs to take care of my Porter duties.

I'm not sure that he realized I was there to feed him, because he greeted me by sticking out his little tongue.

The nerve, I tell ya.

It only took a couple scoops of food into his bowl for him to decide we could be friends.  Much better.

With Porter happy, I went back to check on the two guys in the closet.  Progress was definitely being made in the little nook.

Porter occasionally came to check up on us and supervise.

Then finally all the supports had been and installed and it was time for the money shot...perfectly level.

How bout those shelves?!

We put some stuff on 'em to test 'em out.

They're by no means perfect or high-quality, but they sure do make that space a lot more functional.  Nice work, guys!

(Allison, I'm guessing you weren't expecting me and my husband and my dad to spend our Friday evening in your closet.  Surprise?)

I think Porter may have actually been a little sad to see us go.

Now I'm ready to hit the sack.  I've got four glorious days off work with nothing I have to do.  Perfect.