Easin' Back In

Well, after my last post about returning to work this week, it seems that Mother Nature doesn't think I should be working! Yesterday was good.  It was a quiet day in the office with a couple people out, but my work bestie showed up with donuts.  Oh yeah!  (I have to practice serious restraint when it comes to donuts...I could easily knock out a dozen on my own.)  The morning flew by and before I knew it, it was 1:00 and we hadn't even had lunch yet!  We decided to go out in celebration of my return and, while walking to our car, realized the sprinkles we saw out the window were actually tiny pieces of ice.  Sleet!

The sleet really picked up because by the time we were finished eating and ready to head back to work, my car had a thin layer of ice covering it.  Uh-oh.  'Round these parts, ice on the road is noooo good.  Around 2:15 I made it back to my desk and a lovely surprise...flowers from Doc!  Y'all, I told you he's the best.

I had barely gotten a chance to thank him for sending them when our CEO sent out an email announcing our office would be closing at 2:30.  Woohoo!!  First day back and I was going to get to leave early and get home to my baby!

Or so I thought...

Turns out the ice on the roads was pretty bad and my usual 15 minute commute took me over two and a half hours!  I ended up getting home later than I do on a normal full work day.  Ugh.  The ice on the roads and bridges was solid in some places and I'll admit, there was one hill in particular that scared me to death.  I prayed the whole time I was on it and I straddled the middle line - I didn't care if anyone honked at me, I needed my space!  Actually, every one behind me took my lead and we formed a single file line down that icy hill and finally, I made it to my mom's house where my baby girl was (I had Mom pick her up when I realized I was going to be a while). Doc and my dad both stayed at their offices in hopes that all the crazies would get off the road and some salt would get thrown down.  They didn't end up getting home until after 10pm!

By this morning, the roads were pretty easy to drive on again.  The only icy part on my commute in to work was the off-ramp of the interstate, but I was expecting it and creeeeeped down it.  The weatherman had warned us that more sleet was on the way, and he was right.  Doc and I are both fortunate to work for people who care about our safety...his boss sent him out the door at 11:00 this morning so he wouldn't have a repeat of the night before.  My boss told me to hit the road around 10:00, but I didn't want to be False Alarm Girl so I waited until around noon when the sleet started to leave.  Our drives home too much less time today since we beat the ice sticking to the roads.  And that's how, at 3:00 on a Tuesday, I'm blogging from underneath a warm blanket in my comfy chair with Lolli curled up beside me and Doc and Katie over in the other chair.

So, I'd tell you how it feels to spend 8 hours at a desk after 16 weeks of maternity leave, but how the heck would I know?!  Maybe I'll get a full day's worth of work in on Thursday...