A Busy Season

So much is going on right now!  Here's what's currently keeping me away from the blog:

  • Work: It's our busy season at work right now.  I spend 40 hours a week being an accountant and we're in the midst of closing our books for the year.  We're close to being done, but our auditors arrive next Tuesday so we won't get any relief any time soon.  I'm working late everyday and don't have any free time during the day to catch up on blogs or write one of my own.  (I know, I actually have to work at work. Ugh.)
  • Craft Projects: I have at least 3 unfinished craft projects right now and it's driving me crazy.  I know a lot of people start tons of projects and then let them sit, but I am very much a finisher.  It's killing me that they aren't done, especially since some of them I started a couple months ago.  I've declared this week as the week I get them done, and I'm not letting myself start on new ones until then!  Be on the lookout for posts soon about what I've been up to.  I've got several to share, from one super duper easy one to one that almost had me throwing in the towel (and it into a fire pit).
  • Refinishing Furniture: I'm not sure if I've even mentioned it or not, but we've purchased two antique pieces for baby girl's room.  The plus side is that they're very sturdy, unique, and cheaper than purchasing brand new pieces.  The down side is that they need to be refinished.  This is something I actually enjoy doing, but finding time has been hard.  But progress is definitely being made.  All the pre-work that comes with refinishing antiques - tightening screws, fixing pieces, etc. - is done and they've been sanded and primed.  I've finally settled on a paint color and have it purchased and ready to go.  Now I just need a non-rainy day and few hours alone with my paint sprayer so I can get them done.  Can't wait to show them to you!  Any guesses on what color they'll be?  Hint: it's not white!
  • Party Planning: Last Sunday I hosted a very last-minute bridal shower for a friend, so most of last week was spent planning and thinking about that.  The party was a success though; we all had a good time!  I've got pictures to share from that, too.  I'm also hosting a party or two in the next couple of months.  It's not crunch time for those yet, but I'm always thinking about them in the back of my head!  And speaking of parties, I have dear friends who are hosting parties for me and baby girl, so I've been creating invite lists and keeping my registries updated (er, actually, that's still on the to-do list...).
  • Decorating: As of right now, it looks like we really will be moving in a month! (Or less? Who knows.) I have two rooms I'm focusing on in terms of decorating for the new house: the nursery and our master bedroom.  The nursery is obvious, and our bedroom makes the list because it's long overdue.  Our bedding is pitiful...it's worn out and Lolli has chewed the corners off all of our pillow shams.  So I've spent weekends mulling over fabric swatches and bedding and paint colors.  I call this "blind decorating."  It's very much like what I had to do with the beach house - try to put together complete rooms without actually being able to go inside them.  It's fun - I love it - but it also gets very challenging.  And I always start panicking halfway through that it's all going to look terrible together.  Fingers crossed that my visions look as good in reality as they do in my head!
  • Packing: Speaking of moving...I guess that means we have to pack!  Doc is out of town this whole week, so I decided to start packing on my own yesterday afternoon.  That's not true - my mom totally helped.  I'm pleased to say the kids' bedroom is officially all packed up (they won't sleep in our current house again!) and I'm tackling their playroom next.  I really want to have it completely done before Doc gets home.  Also, my mom and I have a tentative date set for a yard sale the first weekend of August.  I'm in major purge mode as I pack, so if you have kids, you'll definitely want to come to the sale and snatch up some toys!

I think that hits most of the major subjects right now.  Of course, I didn't mention trying to squeeze in time for family and friends, but that's on the list too.  I'm trying not to totally miss out on everything during this super busy season.  Right now, though, it looks the paint's dry on a craft project so I've gotta get back to work!  More soon!