Feeling Naked

Don't worry, I'm fully clothed at work today.  And I don't feel naked at all. It's Lolli.  She's the one feeling a little naked, or nekkid, as I like to say.  Bless her, I decided she needed a hair cut.  Her locks were getting a little tangly and matted and she sorta looked like a ragamuffin (probably because after her last bath and brush she immediately went outside and ran through the sprinklers about 28 times, then came in with soaking wet dreadlocks and feet covered in mud).  Plus, it's hot.  Like really hot.  Poor little thing kept breaking a sweat every time we took her on a walk.

So, after calling around to several groomers, I finally got her in for an appointment yesterday.  Sure, this technically wasn't her first time with a groomer.  But the last time they just cleaned up her face and trimmed a few areas.  And stuck a bow on top, remember?

This time they brought out the big guns shaver.  I was probably more nervous than she was, seeing as how she didn't know what was about to happen when I dropped her off.  I took this picture last night while we were in the wood shop.

She's half the dog I dropped off that morning! 

Sweet Lolli seemed to have a different disposition about her yesterday evening.  She was embarrassed.  I kept reassuring her that she still looked cute, but I think I heard Henry laughing at her. 

I didn't tell her daddy (Doc) that she was getting groomed; I thought it should be a surprised.  When we finally got home last night, she curled up right next to him, maybe hoping that he could magically put the long hair back on her and make it all better.

She was still a little sheepish this morning but I think she's slowly bouncing back to her old self.  She's just gotta get used to feeling a draft. 

(In the picture above you can see how her tail is still a little long.  It's like her own little pompom waving behind her!)

If a different-looking dog starts appearing in my pictures, don't worry - it's still Lolli.  She's just sportin' a new do.