I'm becoming a little bit addicted to Instagram.  I love how quickly I can edit a photo and crop it down to a tiny, perfect square.  Of course, it means that I have a lot more pictures to share!  For those of you that follow me on social media, sorry for the repeats.  Although, some of these little instagram gems didn't even post to my feed...I'm sneaky like that. This cute little gown (softest fabric ever!) and hat were supposed to be what Katie Wynn wore home from the hospital after she was born.  At three months old, it finally fits!

When we went to my aunt's for Christmas, I got to ride next to these chubby cheeks in the car.

Two of my favorite cuties!

This outfit was a late baby gift that we opened on Christmas Eve.  How can you not love a girl in a tutu with mismatched tights?

We spent the morning of New Year's Day hanging out in just a diaper and a bib...that eventually turned into a cape.

Bren (or really her mom) passed down some gowns for us to wear to church.  This particular Sunday, I forgot to pack all the pieces to the bottle that was very much needed mid-service, so we had to make an early exit.  Parenting fail.

This girl flirted with all the workers at FedEx Office one day!

We always put her to sleep in the bassinet laying in this direction...

...only to find her in the morning rotated exactly 90 degrees.  Every. Single. Day.

Speaking of sleep, Mimi's bed is the best place for an afternoon nap.

And speaking of Mimi's, this little dude hung out with us one day and at the time this picture was taken, he was singing his heart a Ke$ha song.

"Mom put this hat and mittens on me and now I'm convinced I can't move."

The quality of this picture is terrible, but look!  He's practically holding her!  (And did not want me to take his picture, thus the hands on the face.)

We are still and will always be Irish fans, even after the tragedy that was Monday night's football game.

Katie spent the game doing some hand-holding with her boyfriend, Everett.  It's cute now, Missy, but this will not be allowed in a few years.

Can you ever have enough bath pictures?


Baby lashes.

We finally got a break from the rain today and the sun made an appearance, so I took my two girls out for a walk.

That's all the Instagram goodness I have for now.  Which one's your favorite?  I think I'm torn between the one of KW and her Daddy and the one with the mittens.