9 Months!

Can you believe my last post didn't have a single picture of Katie Wynn in it?? This post should make up for that. :)

Time is just trucking along and Katie Wynn continues to grow like a little weed.  I think this past quarter has brought the most changes in her.  I had to go back to her six month post to see what she was up to then, and man, she has really grown since then!  Before I get into her stats, here are her monthly pictures.

Love this little grin!  Can you tell from the sign that she had a good time smearing all the writing?

I chose this one for 8 months because of that little elbow on the arm of the chair.  Just love it.

I was working alone for the 9 month picture and she was not in the mood to sit still.  I snapped this before running to grab her before she crawled out of the chair.

Playing with mama on the front porch.

This face cracks me up.  What kind of grin is that?

And what kind of face is this?  This was the closest I had to a smile in this set.

You may remember the rainy day photos we took.  This was perfect for April Showers.

And those April showers brought May flowers.  In this case, the flowers were hydrangeas in my parents' yard.

My little swimmer!

Here's what's up with Katie Wynn at 9 months old:

  • At her 9 month check up, she weighed in at 19.2 pounds and was 27.75 inches long.
  • Two teeth!  Her bottom two teeth broke through when she was about 8 months old, and they're still the only two she has.  It wasn't too terribly bad the week they came in and thankfully, the drooling has majorly slowed down.  Maybe it'll be a while before more come?  Either way, it hurts when she bites now!
  • She really took off crawling on her official 7-month birthday.  She had taken just a few steps (crawls?) before that but April 23 is when she really took off.
  • About three weeks after learning to crawl, she started pulling up on EVERYTHING.  She can now cruise around a piece of furniture and has, on several occasions, let go and stood on her own.  We think she will walk any day now!
  • She has a head full of hair!  I actually have to fix it in the mornings because she wakes up with crazy bed hair.  I wet it down each morning and brush it (like really brush it) into place.  We have teeny bows that she is now wearing on occasion.
  • Occasionally she also wears shoes.  :)  I went a little crazy and bought about 8 pairs of shoes in the span of about a month, but apparently her feet are really short (and very chubby).  Only a couple of them fit her but she isn't crazy about having them on her feet.
  • She still loves to talk and jibber jabbers all day, but is most talkative in the mornings right when she gets up.
  • We are very much in the middle of a clingy stage.  It has been going on for about 3 weeks now.  She doesn't want to go to anyone else if she's being held by me or Doc.  And she gets upset if we set her down and walk out of the room.  Girl doesn't like to be alone!
  • Katie Wynn eats food three times a day now.  She has two just-bottle feedings too.  She love, love, loves to eat and will gobble up anything we give her.  We've tried just about every flavor of baby food now and so far, there hasn't been one that she wouldn't eat.  She now also eats lots of snacks throughout the day and is using her pincer fingers to eat things like banana pieces, avocado, puffs, crackers.  She has also tried water from a sippy cup, though she still won't hold it or her bottle by herself.
  • She can wave bye-bye and loves to get high fives!
  • She has said mama on a few occasions but it's not consistent enough for me to say she's talking.  Doc and I love interpreting her jabbers.
  • Katie still sleeps through the night but has learned that if she gets up around 6am, she might get to lay in our bed and snuggle.  I will have to break this habbit but right now I'm just enjoying our snuggle time!

I can't believe we've made it three quarters through her first year already!  The next quarterly update I do she will be ONE.  Woah.