Seersuckered Cuteness

So, you know how I've been sewing like crazy lately?  Well, after I made the cute seersuckered dress for Katie Wynn, I made another one for a sweet new baby girl, Olivia.  And then it just so happened that when I was going to see Olivia and get to deliver her dress, I was also going to get to see two cute handsome little fellas at the same time.  I couldn't show up with nothing for them!  So I got busy doing some more sewing. The result?  A whole lot of seersuckered cuteness all sitting on one couch.

All four 1  

On the far left is Grant, born last November.  Then Katie Wynn and she's 7 months old.  The wee one is Olivia; she's just five weeks!  And all the way to the right is Everett.  He arrived in October.

All four 3

Truth be told, my mom helped sew the boys' bubbles after I monogrammed them, so I could spend time making them all matching bibs.  These babies will be drooling in style this summer! 

All four 2

Justin and Megan were sweet enough to have us all over for dinner so that we could have a playdate with all our babies.  I hope it's the first of many playdates together!  (Also, many thanks to Justin for taking these pics and to Megan for sharing them with me.)

It was fun to watch the babies interact now that they're a little more "awake."  Well, except for baby Olivia.  She did some good snoozing while the others babbled. :)

katie and grant

I just can't get over how big they've gotten and how cute they all are!

katie and everett

Makes me want to dress Katie bug in seersucker every day this summer.  Better get busy doing more sewing...