Rehearsal Dinner

Every wedding starts with a rehearsal, and that's where I was this past Friday night.  This was the wedding that I was pretending to be the Coordinator for (I say pretending because I really didn't know what I was doing, but shhh, don't tell!) so it made for a busy weekend for me. It started with a comedy of errors, including me sitting at the wrong church for thirty minutes and Doc's car dying not once, but twice, after work, resulting in him spending the evening at AutoZone buying a new battery and me being dateless. But, I made it to the church and we rehearsed and all was well!

I mean, how can it not be well when you're in a beautiful church with windows like this?

The bride and groom were excited! They welcomed everyone in as we waited to get started.

The brother and niece of the bride were there.

Oh, and Mary, the Matron of Honor, was there too!

This is the bride's little brother. He was the cutest junior groomsman I've ever seen.

The bride and a couple of her bridesmaids...

Soon, it was time to get started. Susan, the church wedding coordinator, lined everyone up.

The preacher walked everyone through the service.

While the groom was off pretending to marry the proxy bride,

...the real bride watched from the pews and glowed like an angel.

After running through everything twice, we all sat down for some last-minute directions for the following day.

And we got a sneak peek of the special music by Adam Wheatley.

And then, it was time to head to dinner!

The bride and groom sat at the head table,

in between her parents,

and his parents.

Don't they all look like such proud parents? I know this was a special weekend for them.

Kendra and I got photo-bombed by the groom.

The tables were decorated with fall leaves and candles.

For a while, I got to sit by Cate, the flower girl, and watch her color. She was precious!

Speeches and toasts were made by the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  The man who introduced the bride and groom also spoke, and the father of the bride gave some very touching remarks. We ended the meal with a great slideshow of the bride and groom and then headed home to prepare for the next day. Come back soon to see pictures from the wedding day!