Aaaand I'm back with pictures from the Pinkalicious Party.  To give you some background, the daughter of one of my besties turned a year old last week and because they are between houses right now, I offered up our house for the big par-tay.  You know I love to host a party. Emily came over the weekend before so we could discuss the theme.  Pinkalicious is one of little Alice's favorite books, so it felt right to use as a theme.  Emily brought the book with her to my house and I carved out a little time one night during the week to read it.  I had no idea what it was about and, in case you don't either, here's the shortened version:  a little girl makes pink cupcakes with her mom one day and then eats so many of them she turns pink.  The doctor tells her she has to start eating all green foods but she eats more cupcakes and turns red.  She gets sad when her friends don't recognize her so she eats green foods so she can return to normal colors.  Then her brother ends up eating the rest of the cupcakes and turns pink too.  The end.

We didn't stick completely to the book.  Mostly the theme was pink, pink, and more pink.  I spent Saturday doing some decorating.  In addition to the pink table runner, I also jazzed up my chandelier with some pink boas.

In the living room, I hung some tissue poofs that my sister-in-law had left over from Bren's tea party.

I added a big poof to the front door, too.  There were also balloons on each side of the door - they weren't really cooperating for this picture.  (Yes, I know my ferns look pitiful.  I'm trying to revive them.)

Back in the living room, I made these pinkalicious letters to hang on the mantel (not mantle).  I was originally just going to hang them on the pink ribbon, but they kept flopping over so I taped them onto the mantel too. I already had the scrapbook paper and I cut the letters using my Silhouette machine.

Atop the mantel were my white test tube vases.  I tied some ribbon around them to pinkify them for the party.  I know carnations aren't the fanciest flowers ever, but when I was at Kroger the morning of the party, carnations were all that were available in the pink category.

I threw the leftover carnations in a small vase and had them sitting in the kitchen.

The table was full of pink goodies.  Since the party was at 3:00, we were able to get away with just having some snacks instead of a full meal.

Emily dipped strawberries in bright pink chocolate.

We tag-teamed the pink-on-pink cupcakes.

Emily also brought bagels with strawberry cream cheese and pink wafer cookies.

I made a salsa and cream cheese dip that, after adding pink food coloring, sorta resembled a mystery dish in a cafeteria line.  Luckily, it still tasted good!

To wash down all that pink food, we had a big pitcher of pink lemonade.

Every first birthday party needs a smash cake.  I used my giant cupcake pan to make one for Alice, and I did my best to make it resemble the cupcakes from the Pinkalicious book.

I think the only pink decor I've left off are these pink buckets full of {mostly} pink candy.

The invitation to the party encouraged guests to wear pink, and they all did!  Here is the birthday girl with, from left to right, her maternal grandmother, her mom, and one of her aunts.

Even the guys wore pink.  (Those stripes on Matt's shirt are pale pink, even though they look white-ish here.)

For party entertainment, Emily drew out the girl from the Pinkalicious book for a game of Pin the Pigtail on Pinkalicious.

We had to use a pink scarf as the blindfold.  At least it went with the theme!

Little Alice only lasted helping open presents through a couple of them.  She was more interested in all the paper on the floor.

While the rest of the gifts were opened, guests were encouraged to submit guesses for the number of pink whoppers in the jar.

The total was 264.  I didn't win.  :(

One gift that did get Alice's attention was this cool pink car that her grandparents brought.  She doesn't quite have the steering down yet, but she knows how to work the horn!

When it came time to sing to the birthday girl, we switched out the "cherry" (a red gumball) for a 1 candle.

Sweet Alice wasn't sure what to think of all that sweet icing at first.  She was very dainty in her eating.

After getting reassurance from her mama that it was ok, she started really going for it.

That smash cake was finger-lickin' good.

Even after all that pink icing, I'm pleased to say that Alice did not turn pink!

Though I'm sure she won't remember it, I'd count this party a success.  Happy first birthday, Alice!