ILLOTF: Caves and Cows Edition

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Three posts in one day...can you tell I'm not motivated to work today??

In my tour of the grounds, I completely failed to mention one of the coolest parts of the property - this cave.

I think there may be others on the property, but this one's the biggest.

Jack told us about how it's always wet from the water that runs through the ground to it.

Doc helped me climb up on one of the ridges for a photo-op.

And I also found a wooly worm! I don't think I've held one of these since I was little.

The wooly worm wasn't the only thing living in the cave, there were also some teeny tiny frogs. Can you see one in this picture?

Me and Allison:

The cave was pretty cool.  It's near the river that runs through the property and Jack said before they put up the fence, a lot of people would get out of their boats and come explore it, looking for arrow heads.

That sums up the caves, now let's talk cows.  During our driving tour, we saw lots of 'em.

I feel like that cow pictured above is thinking, "what in the heck are you people looking at?"

These cows are all grass-fed so they're much healthier angus beef.  No corn or chemicals or antibiotics are used to fatten them up.  And you can see in the picture above that they all have a tag on their ear so they can be identified.

Bright and early Saturday morning, Doc, Chris, and I got out and about to see what was going on around the farm.  We ran into a large herd of cows hanging out by the water, and we decided to get out of the ranger and see if we could get close.

They looked at us like we were crazy when we got out, and we probably were.

But then I think they thought maybe we were going to feed them, and all of a sudden, there were lots of them staring at us!

We inched closer and they did too.  No zoom on this picture - this is how close we were!

And then someone made a quick movement and they all took off away from us.

Once they saw that nothing had happened, they started inching back towards us again.

The ones in the back would push the ones in the front closer to us.

So there the three of us were, lined up staring at them lined up staring back at us.  It looked like we were about to play a game of Red Rover, and guys, I don't think we would've won!

Red rover, red rover, DON't send 42A right over.

Doc picked some grass in an effort to get them even closer.  One cow was really staring him down.

But another fast move was made and they took off running again.  Oh well.

The main reason we had headed out early was to go to this meadow to look for deer. Chris had seen lots of them earlier in the morning, but by the time he brought us back, they were gone.

The meadow was really pretty, but I've gotta say, walking around that tall grass and thicket in a pair of heavy boots gave me a workout! I definitely broke a sweat.

When we gave up and decided to leave the meadow, Chris let me drive the ranger. It is awesome!! Way better than a golf cart - it goes much faster and can drive over anything.  You can see in this picture that I'm about to drive through a shallow part of the river.

When we came to another pasture, we finally saw a deer! It darted out in the open grass about a football field's length away from us.  Chris told us to wait there and he'd see if he could scare some more deer out of the trees. 

Can you see him in the picture above? He's the black dot on top of the hill.  I kept my camera ready and my eyes focused on the trees in case we saw another one.

And finally, we did! Can you see it?

Here's a hint in case you can't find the little deer.

Obviously in my excitement I didn't do a very good job of zooming or focusing or anything crazy like that. 

Now I've shown you alpacas, llamas, dogs, wooly worms, frogs, cows, and a deer. Up next: chickens.