ILLOTF: Barn Door Edition

[I Love Life On The Farm: Barn Door Edition] I love sliding barn doors. LOVE them. Slightly obsessed. And coming to this farm did not help. They were everywhere!

First, here's a look at the front door. No, it's not a sliding barn door, but it is an over-sized barn-style door, and I love it, too.

Ok, that door's nice at all but let's get to the sliding doors.  The barn by the house had lots of 'em!

Aren't they cool? And they weren't just on the exterior of the barn, they were inside it, too.

The two pictures above show both sides of a breezeway.  If I were a senior in high school needing some senior portraits made, I'd want to go to the breezeway to take them.

Here's another set from the end of the barn.

You know what's cooler than just a regular sliding barn door? A barn door that serves a purpose. (Other than being a regular door, that is.)  Check out this barn door in the loft room Chris and Allison stayed in.

During the day, that barn door stayed pushed to the side like it is in the picture, so that you could look from the bedroom down into the living room. But then, at night, they could close it for privacy. Closed view from the living room:

I won't lie, that interior barn door made my heart go pitter-patter. I may have slid it back and forth a few times on my own.

But wait! I've got one more cool, multi-purposed barn door to show you.  Remember the outdoor fireplace from the tour of the grounds I showed you?  Here's a reminder:

Well, directly across from that fireplace is another barn door.

Now, what could be behind that? Let's get Vanna White Allison to help us out.

Ta daaa! It's an outdoor kitchen, complete with another dishwasher!

Awesome, right?  That door in the kitchen goes to the offices below the apartment Doc and I stayed in.

So that's it for the Barn Door Edition. But I promise there are still pictures of alpacas and Sheryl Crow to come, so don't stay gone for long!