Greenwood, MS

This post could also be titled The Best Girls' Weekend Ever. My friend Jenny is getting married in two months so this past weekend, we headed South to celebrate. As her maid of honor, I arrived early (along with Darbie and Allison) to set up and get ready for the other girls to arrive.

The color scheme was the same as their upcoming wedding: purple and green. We didn't have long so we quickly taped up streamers,

put out plates and plastic wine glasses,

and arranged the cupcakes.

Darbie brought with her a bouquet of coordinating flowers,

and she made a delicious appetizer for us to start the night with.

Just as we set the tray of food out, the bride-to-be walked in. Perfect timing!

After unpacking our things, munching on snacks, and catching up, we decided we were hongry. We hopped on the shuttle bus from the hotel and set out to find somewhere to eat.

Along the way, we found this night club where the grown folks play and considered stopping, but decided food was more important. Maybe next time.

It wasn't long before we were at Lusco's, a local restaurant,

and this fine gentleman helped us off the van.

We knew this place had to be good because the waiting area was packed. We were there, obviously,

but so were all of these guys:

Our wait wasn't long and we, thankfully, got to leave the wildlife behind when we were seated. The table setup was actually pretty cool. We were at a table that was in its own little cubby and a curtain we could close for privacy.  We even had a doorbell we could ring if we needed our waiter.

We headed back to the hotel stuffed and ready to play some bachelorette games. It was only natural that we had pink drinks, too!

The next morning we woke up early to take advantage of the awesome buffet at the hotel, and then headed to the ah-mazing spa to get pampered.  It was one of the most fun spa experiences I've had. The facial was great and exactly what I had been looking forward to. Usually when I have any kind of spa treatment, I hit the road as soon as it's over. But when all your girlfriends are there, it's so much fun to hang out in the locker room and take advantage of all the free amenities!

The spa treatments gave us all a nice little glow!

After getting cleaned  up, we headed to the Delta Bistro for some lunch, and a delicious lunch it was.

We spent the afternoon touring the sleepy little town and roaming in and out of boutiques, bookstores, and antique shops.

I found these little painted blocks outside of an art store. I really wanted them to be mine but they wouldn't fit in my purse...

Want to know the coolest thing about Greenwood, MS right now? They're filming The Help there! The town was chock-full of people with the movie. In fact, we ate dinner with the author of the book, Kathryn Stockett (Kitty, to her friends), on Friday night. Well, we were at the same restaurant anyway.  It became the norm for everyone we ran into to say they were with the film crew. I tried to make my hair extra big as we walked around so I might look a little 1960s-ish and get asked to be an extra.  It didn't work.

There was a book signing while we were in town, but we didn't go.

It was held at this really cool bookstore that had recently been renovated.

Oh, and while we were in an antique shop, we found out that this chandelier will be in the movie. You saw it here first, folks!

Window shopping wore us out so we headed back to get a little rest and to watch our favorite show - Sex and The City. Darbie was smart and brought the boxed set. We ordered a DVD player from the front desk, which ended up having a short in one of the wires. Didn't stop us! We rigged that thing up and had it working in no time!

The next picture is one of my favorites from the weekend. Allison had been battling a cough and so Susan, the speech therapist in the group, asked to take a look at her throat. When she did, Susan actually discovered that Allison has a bifurcated uvula. That's the fancy way of saying her hangy ball has a bit of a butt crack.  And of course, we all had to see it. It was a little difficult getting enough light to see, so we got smart and started using the flash from a camera. So, this is what it looks like when one of your friends is taking pictures of another friend's uvula.

(Sorry, Allison! Please don't hate me. This is too good not to share.)

Awesome, right?

The big activity of the weekend took place Saturday night. We attended a cooking class at the Viking Cooking School and because it was SO much fun and because I took SO many pictures, it's going to get a post of its own. Check back soon!