Bunco Night

Last Monday night I hosted my bunco group at our house.  We try to play on the last Monday of every month, and oh do I look forward to this girls' night every month! Even though I had the month of January, I decided it was close enough to Valentine's Day to go with a heart theme.  I used my red and white dishes.

The dining table was decorated with a new table runner I made, heart-shaped bowls of candy, and the felted flowers I made.

The kitchen table held the money pot.

As my guests arrived, I had heart-shaped chips and dip for them to munch on.

For the main course, we had soup, salad, and breadsticks a la Olive Garden.  I cheated and purchased the salad and breadsticks from the restaurant, but I found the recipe for their Pasta e Fagioli online and Doc helped me make it (ok, really he did it).  The recipe is pretty comparable to theirs in the restaurant, the only difference is that mine had heart-shaped noodles.

Throughout the evening, anyone that rolled a "big bunco" (three sixes) got the honor of wearing the heart headband.

Laura got it first:

She passed it on to Megan...

...but then Kendra stole it from her.

I'm pretty sure there were a lot more "big buncos" because I heard lots of hoopin' and hollarin' but I was busy in the kitchen getting dessert ready.

Dessert = chocolate croissants on top of a chocolate syrup heart, with a strawberry and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  Yummy!

I sent the girls home with (hopefully) full bellies and a lucky few also had full pocketbooks.  The countdown's on til next Month's bunco night!