Our Cherry Blossom Tree

When Doc purchased the house we live in, a cherry blossom tree came with it.  The tree is planted in the very back part of our yard - not the front or even the side courtyard - so we're the only people that get to enjoy it.  Well, us and our neighbors as they drive down the alley way into their garages and close the door behind them.  Which is a shame, really, because the tree is be-yoo-tiful when it blooms. So, to change that, I had this brilliant idea to take a picture from the same spot everyday for 30 days, turn them into a slideshow or video of sorts, and then post them here so you could all enjoy the blooming of our cherry blossom tree too.

I just clicked through the pictures I took and there are only four.  Four pictures instead of thirty.  Crappola.  And you know what?  None of the four pictures captured its true beauty.

Might as well show 'em to you anyway, right?  The first picture was taken right on the cusp of spring.  The tree wasn't completely bare anymore and it showed the slightest signs of getting ready to bloom.

The second picture doesn't show much change, except that we opened the garage door.

Picture number three is a pretty bad picture thanks to the super bright sun, but if you look closely, you can see a few pink blooms.

Finally, here she is in all her glory.  Well, as much glory as my four photos captured anyway.

I should've taken a picture today to round out the cycle.  Had I done that you would see the leaves still there but no more pink flower blossoms.  It's a shame it blooms and then goes so fast.  Now we have to wait eleven more months to see it again.

I did go in for some up close shots one day.  Here are the pretty pink flowers.

Anna scooped some flowers up from the yard one day to make her own little flower arrangement.

Doc mowed the yard today so even all the flowers that had fallen off onto the ground are gone.  See ya next year, cherry blossoms.