More Edible Flowers?

I am currently in the back seat of my mom's car, headed to our vacation destination: the beach! My dad is driving and Doc is up front with him. We just finished listening to a whole cd of greatest hits from the 60s, and now they're blaring the Rolling Stones. They dug into the bag of snacks a few minutes ago and Doc completely ripped the resealable seal off the bag of Nutter Butters so they're on a mission to eat them all. My mom is in the back with me, reading on her kindle. I'm curled up in my snuggie (of course) and just finished reading the current issue of US Weekly and now am bored. So here I am, trying to blog from my phone. Hope this works, because typing on this thing is too much of a pain for this to end up not even working... About the title of this post...I was out in our side courtyard with Lolli a few days ago when I noticed something weird. The flowers that I'd planted in my triple pots on Mother's Day were looking a little scarce.

I know for a fact that I planted more flowers than that in the top pot! Doc and I counted how many flowers we had and divided them out between the number and sizes of pots we had to fill. I specifically remember that the top pots got 5 flowers each and I planted them in an X pattern, like the 5 on a die.

The first time I noticed my flower pots looking a little thin (which is not when I took these pictures) I actually found a whole flower with it's roots and dirt attached laying on the ground beside the pot. I thought it was weird but just picked it up and replanted it.

So now I'm out there again and the flower that I had replanted is gone again, but this time it's nowhere to be found on the ground. And now, not only are some whole flowers missing, but some of the remaining plants have had their heads pulled off.

What in the world?!?  I told Doc about and he said he'd noticed it too.

"Do you think a raccoon or something is eating my flowers?" I asked him.

"Oh I think someone's eating your flowers alright," he said, "but it's not a raccoon."

Gulp. "Then what?"

"Lollipop." he said matter-of-factly.

"Oh yea right! It can't be Lolli. It's the flowers from the top tier that are missing. She can't reach those!"

"She can if she jumps up on the furniture."

Crap. I suddenly realized he may be right. My cute little fur baby isn't just biting me, chewing up furniture, and peeing on my bed anymore. Now she's eating my brand new flowers too.

FOR SALE: One 5-month old Maltipoo puppy. Enjoys long walks, nipping ankles, and eating flowers.

Just kidding. I love Lolli, even if I don't LIKE her sometimes. She's ours for the long haul.

But I wonder, do you think she started eating flowers because she saw me putting them in drinks?

[Update: we finished the Stones cd. Now the duo up front is singing along to the Beatles. I feel certain that my dad and husband are going to be hoarse by the time this road trip is over.]