Who wants a cupcake?

We made 84 of these tonight.

Are we throwing a party tomorrow? No. Are we going to a party tomorrow? Nope. We made 84 cupcakes just for us to eat. :)

Actually, I want to make mini cupcakes for the shower I'm hosting next weekend, so I bought a new tool to see if I could make them look decent enough for a shower. I got to practice the icing 84 times. And now, after all 4 of us have had more than enough dessert, we still have 74 left.

I iced them as the came out of the oven and then Anna was in charge of sprinkles.

We had a professional taste-tester try them out for us.

He approved.

Unlike the hydrangeas, these little bites of deliciousness are not the size of my head.

Did you know Anna is learning to play the guitar? After we had all taste-tested the cupcakes, she gave us a mini concert. First up was "When The Saints Go Marching In."

And then she played and sang a little ditty she made up herself. It was funny and was stuck in my head for a while.

Wyatt worked on his college football rankings tonight.  I think some of our friends will be thrilled with his number one choice. Notre Dame is number 31 on his list.  Hopefully they'll finish the season higher than that.

Time to hit the sack...please come over and help us eat cupcakes tomorrow!!