Weekend Recap

The weatherman had told us that we would be getting some nice weather this past weekend, and he was right. It was so nice to see the sunshine again! Doc picked up some purple tulips on his way home from work on Friday and they have been such a nice reminder that spring is around the corner. Colorful flowers just make me so happy. I love them!

Saturday morning my mom picked me up so we could go shopping. The purpose of the trip was so I could pick out some birthday presents, so you know I was up for it! We went to an outdoor shopping mall so we could enjoy the nice weather. Doc was also enjoying the weather out on the golf course with my dad. In my family we kind of have an understood rule - the guys can play golf all they want but that means the girls can shop all we want. It works out pretty well. :)

Can I tell you about a pet peeve I have? It's pretty silly, but I was reminded of it while we were out shopping on Saturday. I always forget about this peeve, but it always reappears this time of year and doesn't take long to make itself at home under my skin. Ok, here it is: it really annoys me when people rush the seasons. I know - silly, right? But I can't help it. It really just kind of drives me nuts when one day of sunshine makes everyone throw on their tank tops and flip-flops and head outside. It's still winter! I'm all for leaving your coat in the coat closet and going out to enjoy the weather, but it's really not necessary to pull out your summer wardrobe. Trust me, I'm just as sick of wearing my winter clothes as everyone else and my toes are just itching to go sockless too, but come on! If I'm not mistaken, the time changes next weekend which means spring and Easter are only days away. I think we can leave the tank tops in the closet until then, can't we?

Oh, it's not just about the clothes either. Since we had a few days of nice weather this weekend, my office building is now running the air conditioning. !!! Today it was cold, damp, and rainy outside but the air was still on. My productivity rate declines significantly when I can't feel my fingers and I'm shivering all day.

And I'll get off my soap box now. Back to the weekend...

By the time I got back home, Doc had already picked up A and W and they had early birthday presents for me. Super exciting! I got a fondu pot from A that we immediately put to use after dinner that night.

From W I got an accessories kit for my laptop. It has a ten-key so I don't have to use the top row of numbers anymore and a small mouse that I can plug in. I can also plug up lots of USBs now and I have a light attachment. Pretty cool, huh?

After opening presents, we decided to grab the football and head to the park. The guys tossed the football back and forth while we walked. Here's a blurry picture of W catching it. (I still haven't figured out how to use my camera...class starts soon!)

A was jumping rope and I was bringing up the rear with this sweet girl.

We took the back path to the park instead of walking through the neighborhood. Along the way we found this tree.

(Yes, I realize A's dress is springy...)

Here are some pictures from our time at the park.

On the way back home, my sweet furry girl was dragging and ended up having to be carried. Bless her. It's hard when you have little legs.

I love her even if she can't go on long walks.

And I love this little girl too!

Unfortunately, my pictures from the weekend end there.  As I mentioned earlier, we topped off our dinner with a fondu dessert. Poor W gave up chocolate for Lent so he didn't get to eat any of the yummy goodness.

Sunday started off with church where Doc read scripture. He read 1 Corinthians 10: 1-13 and did a great job. In fact, several people came up to him after the service to tell him what a great reader he is. We had pizza and buffalo chicken tenders for lunch afterwards and the rest of the day was pretty low-key. I headed to Lowe's with my dad while Doc spent another afternoon outside with the kids. After Doc dropped them back off at their mom's, we settled in to watch the Oscars and came to terms with the fact that our sunny weekend was over.