He is obsessed with numbers.  He has a one-year forward cash flow for our personal finances that is always current.  On any given day, he can tell you when our low point for the year will be.  He calculates numbers in his head and will politely correct you if your calculations are wrong. He avoids mayonnaise like it's the plague.  Same for any other creamy white substance - cream cheese, ranch, sour cream.  At Subway, after the sandwich maker cuts my mayonnaise-filled sandwich in half, he announces that he'll wait while she cleans the knife before cutting his sandwich.

He yells, "Cops! Act cool!" every time he passes a patrolman while the kids are in the car.

He loves to cook, and is very good at it.  He enjoys trying to recreate delicious meals that we order at fancy restaurants, figuring out how he can make it even better.  It doesn't take long for him to take over the grill at any cookout.  I prefer staying home over going to a bar because he mixes drinks just the way I like them.

He makes up new dance moves in the car and choreographs dances in our bedroom.  At weddings, he dances silly with me and even sillier without me.  He uses chairs as props, or tries to break dance, or occasionally does handstands. 

He folds laundry even when I tell him not to because it's my chore.  He empties the dishwasher and always takes the garbage out.  He appreciates our yard looking nice just as much as I do.

He's naturally good at sports.  He's improved his golf game by several strokes, took up volleyball like he's played for years, and has run two half marathons. 

He's good at games too.  Whether it's scrabble, gin, thumb war, sudoku, or pinochle, he always wins.

He works out to keep his body healthy.  He calls his biceps Thunder and Lightening and convinces my nephew to eat his dinner so he can have muscles too.

He loves his kids and nieces and nephews and they all love him.  He plays touch football and throws them in the pool and holds them upside down and tickles them until they cry.  He considers it a good day when my niece lets him hold her.

He doesn't like needles and can't even talk about giving blood or watch the surgery scenes on Grey's Anatomy, yet he loves to watch Ultimate Fighting on tv.

He loves tootsie rolls and could eat a bag a day.  He can stomach the taste of any kind of alcohol and eats chewable vitamins and sports beans like they really taste like candy.

He is a proud Notre Dame alum and is always loyal to the Fighting Irish.

He is the best husband a girl could ask for.  He is a wonderful father to his children and a great son to his parents.  He is the perfect best friend, my favorite.

He turns thirty-seven today.

I love him.