Tea for Two

This week, my sweet little niece will be turning two. We celebrated this weekend with a tea party. The table was set with all her momma's fancy china, white linens, and fresh flowers.

Bren helped her mom prepare all the drinks.

And we all filled our plates with the delicious spread of food!

The girls took their places around the table to have tea with the birthday girl.

Since this was Bren's tea party, it was ok if you bit into your sandwich backwards,

or ate with your hands.

And you didn't even get in trouble if you accidentally spilled tea on your dress.

The boys were invited to the birthday party, but they didn't get to sit at the tea party table. They had to use plastic plates and eat in the living room. Well, except for this little dude.

And sometimes this one would sneak in, too.

Bren made sure the fishy was enjoying the party too.

While we were wrapping up lunch, the boys brought in Bren's present from her Mimi and Poppy...a new trampoline!

She wasn't sure what to do with it at first,

but after her bubby got on and showed her what to do,

she became a jumping fool!

She couldn't be bothered to look at other presents. Not even the 140 piece shopping cart set.

Or the Makin' Mud Pies station.

But I guess that's what grandparents are for...buying the super awesome presents!

A few more snapshots from the party...

I can't believe she's already [almost] two!