Saturday Sports: Part One

I spent the better part of my day Saturday cheering on a couple of my favorite guys.  The morning started bright and early with a couple of Doc's friends showing up for breakfast before their sporting event.  Their menu request?  Bacon and orange juice.  Easy enough - even though I sometimes hate bacon mornings because then the house smells like bacon for days.  Doc cooked three slabs of bacon - the thick meaty kind, not the thin crispy kind - and those boys knocked it out!  I've never seen a pile of bacon disappear so quickly. After getting fueled up, the boys headed out and I left the house for my first event of the day - Jett's soccer match.  Like last year, he's playing in a church league.  My brother (his dad) is the head coach and Jett's pretty much be the star of the team (although I am way biased).

Number 21 in the program, number one in the heart.

When I arrived, Jett was coming off the field for his turn to sit out.  I was glad because that meant he could tell me all about his Friday night when he saw Disney On Ice.  I hear his little sister loved it (new obsession? Tinkerbell) but it sounded like he had a pretty good time watching all the characters dance on the ice too.

Also during his time out he showed me his loose tooth.  He may be days away from his first tooth fairy visit!

After a few minutes of rest, Jett made his way back into the game and I hopped up to snap some photos.  I'll admit that I don't know the first thing about soccer.  I've never played it and I really haven't watched much of it.  I've pieced together, though, that this (falling down) is bad...

...but this (kicking the ball in the goal) is good.

And that's pretty much the gist of soccer, right?

Well, I guess occasionally you have to kick the ball in from the side, too.

With these little players, I can't ever really tell what's going on.  The ball switches between teams with just about every kick, so I don't know if I should yell for offense or defense.  And sometimes the whistle blows but they keep going.  They're funny to watch!

I have no idea what the final score was - or even if they keep score - but Jett says his team won, so there ya go.

About an hour later, Jett went with me to watch Doc in his sporting event.  Betcha can't guess what it's definitely not something I thought I'd ever spend a Saturday watching...