Poppy's Birthday

It's 9:30 pm and I almost forgot to mention that today is my dad's birthday.  Yes, that would be this guy:

The guy who can't take a serious picture to save his life.  I even told him it would be on the internet and he told me to just let him know when directors called asking if he could be in their movies.

We had birthday cake - carrot cake at dad's request - tonight at my parents' house.  The little ones could not wait to help blow out the candles.

You can't tell in this picture, but I did arrange the candles in a 5 and 8 since we didn't exactly have enough.

Everyone in the family officially knows all the words to the Happy Birthday song.  We still haven't mastered singing it to the birthday honoree instead of singing it to the cake.

Parker thought the song was lasting a little long so he went ahead and started blowing.  Luckily, Poppy managed to cover him up before the candles went out.

And finally everyone got to spit on the cake help blow out the candles.

Now, if you're Bren, you take this time to look around and make sure everyone's attention is on Poppy opening gifts...

...then you go in for the scoop...

...get a good-sized glob...

...and score!

No one saw that, right?

Of course, we should've seen that coming after Parker's birthday party.  I guess if you ever want to have cake with our family, you just have to be ok with little finger prints in the icing.

Parker's shirt said it all for how much excitement was in the house.

Hey, raise your hand if you're two!

Parker and Bren had nubbin' arms after they found some cardboard fabric rolls.  They thought they were fun and we thought they were hilarious.

Did anyone reading this make a new year's resolution to lose weight?  If so, my dad has come up with the perfect diet solution for you.  Don't waste your time counting calories, exercising, or eating low-fat foods.  All you need is one of these:

As Dad demonstrates, simply wear the cone during meals and it's impossible for you to eat.

The pounds will just drop off!  That's my dad's gift to you on his birthday.

Happy birthday, Dad!